Jim Stoppani Reacts To Joe Rogan’s Comments About His Physique And Tattoos

Jim Stoppani
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Joe Rogan is a fan of Jim Stoppani and gave a glowing endorsement about his knowledge and look.

Jim Stoppani has a passion for fitness and bodybuilding. Over the course of his career, he has dabbled in competitive bodybuilding and has continued to train at a high level into his 50s, along with running a successful social media platform. Recently, Joe Rogan gave Stoppani a great endorsement with comments about his physique and overall look, including his tattoos.

Stoppani is an Exercise Physiologist that has studied many avenues in the fitness world. He competed at the NPC level and has been a fan of bodybuilding for many years. This continues to this day as he keeps up with the happenings in the world of bodybuilding.

Stoppani has been featured in many GI Exclusive interviews discussing different aspects of the fitness world. During this time last year, Stoppani compared full-body training to full-split training while explaining which is best to fit your needs.

 Joe Rogan Comments On Jim Stoppani

The Joe Rogan Experience continues to be one of the biggest podcasts in the world where Joe Rogan discusses many topics. Recently, he had some good things to say about Jim Stoppani.

“Jim Stoppani is interesting too because he’s fully tattooed up, including his head but he’s a very smart guy. Like you look at him and you go ‘I bet that guy’s got his **** tattooed. He’s just got them everywhere and he’s super jacked.”


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“Now, everything is covered. Look at that. That’s his neck and everything, his hands…If you look at that, it goes all the way up his back, his neck. Even the back of his head.”

A comment was made about it potentially being “too much” but Joe Rogan shut down that notion.

“Shut up. He’s perfect. You leave my boyfriend alone,” Rogan said jokingly. “All kidding aside, I go to his Instagram page all the time. It’s very informational. He’s clearly a very, very bright guy. And he’s super jacked.”

Jim Stoppani continues to be an informed and knowledgeable voice in the fitness world. He studies many avenues and gives his opinion and insight on his social media platforms. After Rogan made his comments, Stoppani made sure to thank him on Instagram.

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