Derek MPMD Discusses Mike O’Hearn’s Natty Status With Joe Rogan

Mike O'Hearn

Derek of More Plates More Dates joined Joe Rogan to discuss the natty status of athletes like Mike O’Hearn.

It has been a week since Derek from More Plates More Dates leaked emails claiming that Liver King was using steroids. Since then, he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and discussed the natural status of other athletes with the host, such as Mike O’Hearn.

Liver King has since made a video admitting his steroid use, both in the past and currently. Joe Rogan has been against his natty claim since the beginning of his social media rise. During a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan has Derek on and naturally, steroids were a topic of conversation.

Mike O’Hearn is a former Mr. Universe champion that has made waves as a fitness model and actor. He continues to keep his physique in elite shape and Rogan believes it goes against the eye test when judging natural status.

“The eye test when you look at someone. You go ‘that’s possible.’ Like when I look at Paul Sklar, that’s possible. If you look at The Rock, you’re like ‘get the f**k out of here.’ When you look at the Liver King, get the f**k out of here. When you look at that Mike O’Hearn guy,” Joe Rogan said.

Mike O'Hearn

Derek Discusses Mike O’Hearn’s Status

In the leaked emails from Liver King, Derek showed off blood test results, along with details of his steroid cycle. When discussing Mike O’Hearn, Derek highlights that he has not shared any of this information to back up his claim.

“The Mike O’Hearn example, it’s wild that he leans — he doesn’t go as hard as Liver King, I guess, but it’s weird because he definitely likes to poke fun at it even though he does not go out of his way to show any blood tests or reinforce his natural status other than ‘oh look at me at 15 years old. I’m bigger than you now.’ So obviously, it’s just natural progression,” Derek said.

Derek and Joe Rogan continue to discuss the effects of steroids. They do not believe PEDs work for everyone but for an athlete with great genetics, such as Mike O’Hearn, it would give an edge.


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“There’s a bunch of people that if they took testosterone or they took a bunch of different steroids, they would look like shit,” Joe Rogan said.

“Sometimes you’d be shocked that if you walk into a public gym like who’s on gear and who’s not. Sometimes, the natural guys look better than the guys on gear,” Derek said.

The host then puts up a picture of O’Hearn on a leg press machine and comments on his overall build.

“Imagine saying that you’re 53 years old and you’re natural and you’re built that way…The guy obviously has incredible genetics and obviously works very hard but also, saucy. There’s a little saucy,” Joe Rogan said.

Finally, the video ends with Derek discussing some of the products that Mike O’Hearn has sold in the past.

“He said that duck eggs were like far superior to normal eggs. Like, I don’t know. I haven’t even looked into the micronutrient proportions of it for that to be true. But he was selling a duck egg extract for like $700 and very much implying that it was supporting his physique…The commercialization of the thing that is not responsible for your physique is like very, very frowned upon,” Derek said.


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“That should be frowned upon. That’s very deceptive. One thing if you’re actually using those products and you believe in them and this is why you’re selling them but when you’re just doing it for a money grab and you’re also on the sauce,” Joe Rogan responded.

This is not the first time that Mike O’Hearn’s natty or not status has come up in conversation. O’Hearn continues to say he is not on any steroids but there will always be doubters who speak against it.

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