YouTuber Derek Discusses Bodybuilding Dangers On ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’

Derek joined Joe Rogan to discuss different dangers of bodybuilding as you age.

Joe Rogan has built up one of the top podcasts in the world today. When he has a guest on, the topics can cover a wide range. In a recent episode, Rogan was joined by Derek, who is a popular media figure himself.

Derek created a YouTube Chanel discussing different fitness and diets called More Plates More Dates. He joined Rogan to discuss some of the risks and dangers in bodybuilding as an athlete begins to get older. This began with Derek speaking on the physical stress that the body is under when athletes perform at this level.

“With bodybuilders, it’s wild too, because it’s almost like the opposite extreme where you, you actually are aware that you’re killing yourself very quickly while you’re doing it. yeah. like you still want to walk around at like 260 plus even though you know how stressful it is on all your organ systems your heart.”

The work that bodybuilders have to put in has only grown over the years. Athletes are being judged on the size of their physique along with overall conditioning. This requires athletes to put themselves through strenuous workouts and preparation leading up to an event.


Joe Rogan continued the conversation by bringing up the amount of surgeries that Ronnie Coleman had throughout his career. This can be caused as the body goes through plenty of impact during lifts such as bench press and squat.

Yeah that’s the brutal thing too, when you get to that size is, progressive overload. You get to a point where you’re forced to a point where you use weights that are so exorbitant to overload because you’re way too strong that’s impossible not to literally fuckin dismantle your entire infrastructure while you’re supporting those loads.”

“Your squatting 100s and 100s of pounds, benching 100s and 100s, this and this, and your bones can’t just adapt and be totally fine.”

Bodybuilders have built themselves up on stage based on appearance. The overall goal is to build a better physique than the other guy. This becomes more difficult as an athlete gets older and that might force them to put themselves through more.

Rich Piana was used as an example. Derek and Joe Rogan spoke on how bodybuilding impacted the 40-year-old. Piana passed away from cardiac arrest in 2017.

“The guys who try to retain their size trying to fo 40+ almost always end up kicking the can real quick. He tried competing to become a pro. And he just doesn’t have the genetics from a structural aspect. So Even though he’s a massive fuckin dude, on stage he doesn’t you know have the proportions the symmetry, etc to make it far. But he just loved, loved the lifestyle so much. And his brand was built around it.”

This is a topic that has come up recently after an unfortunate string of deaths has impacted the sport. Derek went into detail with Joe Rogan and broke down some of the dangers.

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