VIDEO: Liver King Quickly Eats Full Stick Of Butter In One Sitting

Stick of Butter

Liver King shared a video that might go viral for a new reason.

Liver King has become a viral sensation for his unique way of living. Brian Johnson has adapted the nine ancestral traits into his life, including eating raw meats on a daily basis. He has built a sculpted physique and gained plenty of attention from the public. This time, Johnson could be going viral for a different reason.

On Instagram, Liver King shared a video of himself eating an entire stick of butter in one sitting. In the caption, he encouraged his following to switch out margarine in favor of butter.

“It’s no secret that Liver King loves butter, and you should too. It’s a helluva lot better for you than the alternatives.

Don’t get wrapped around the axle or get into endless debates with sub-primals… avoid trans fats & seed oils and ditch the margarine.”


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He pushes for butter because it is a way to add fats following workouts. He believes this is important to “lather generously.”

“Take massive action and pick up the grass-fed grass-finished butter.

If you’re putting in the work (which you should be)… lather generously. Use fat for fuel, dominate.”

Is Liver King Natural?

The main question that has come up around the social media sensation is wondering whether he is all natural. He has disputed the claims that he is on steroids and credits his way of living and hard work for his massive physique.

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He has been seen many times eating meals consisting of raw liver, brains, organs, and even testicles.


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Joe Rogan has been against Liver King’s claims since the beginning. He made a public statement claiming Liver King has “an ass full of steroids.” After disputing these rumors from Rogan, he offered to go on the podcast and discuss the nine ancestral traits. This would be an all-time episode if the two were able to get together.

Aside from raw meats, Johnson has other beliefs about nutrition and it seems as though he is a big fan of butter. His recent Instagram post shows that he is not afraid to eat anything, no matter how much.

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