The Liver King Full Body Work Out For Strength

Liver King

This ancestral workout from Liver King is a full body workout for strength and conditioning.

Brian Johnson, or more commonly known as Liver King, is an entrepreneur and social media personality who practices Ancestral Living, which involves a series of tenets all working to bring you closer to your environment. With a massive following on social media, he posts videos of his crazy diets and workouts for strength while still inspiring others.

Most of the time, we try to find workouts from bodybuilders or those strength sports athlete we admire. As fans, we want to mimic what they do so we can look as good as they do. And with so many people online claiming to know exactly what to do, it can be challenging to dive in and tell who is just lying. But once in a while someone like Liver King comes along. He’s relatable, fun, and absolutely jacked, and we want to watch. Video after video, we just can’t seem to stop.

The fascination with Liver King lies in what we see as an interesting lifestyle we would never follow. But Liver King’s goal is to get us to understand the power behind Ancestral Living and what it can do for the human mind, body, and spirit. His workouts are hard and engaging and diet is unique. But he is fun. He is someone we want to watch and imitate and thankfully he shares his process online.

Full Name: Brian Johnson (a.k.a. Liver King)

Profession Era Nationality
Entrepreneur, Social Media Personality 2010 American

This workout is a 30 minute, full body circuit designed to hit all your muscles as it builds strength as well as conditioning. Essentially this is a long HIIT workout, so it will make you sweat, get that heart rate up, and help you see those gains you want most.

Liver King

About Liver King

Brian Johnson had everything going great in his life. He was running successful businesses and had a loving family. But things changed when his son had a medical complication and needed immediate attention. While his son survived, no expert had a real answer to give.

This launched Brian’s journey into a more natural approach to living, especially eating. But this natural approach did not just stop with his diet. He began to live it. Through hunting, lifting, sleeping, and everything about his life, Brian has switched to Ancestral Living.

Ancestral Living is the idea that we connect with our environment and get back to the roots of the relationship between human and environment. Connecting to the Earth and finding your primal self leads to better living and a better connection to the world around you.

With a large following on social media, Brian promotes this style of living while posting fun and entertaining videos of his workouts, diet, and way of life. Seeking to inspire change, he uses his platform to promote his message and seeing his popularity grow, it is certainly working.

Liver King

Liver King Workout

This workout from Liver King is a massive circuit style workout that will take 30 minutes consisting of only four exercises. This shows us that you can get an effective workout to add to your shredded physique without spending hours in the gym. Focusing on hypertrophy and conditioning, this workout covers all your bases and will definitely leave you wanting more.

Exercises Sets Reps
Handstand Push-Ups 5-10 10
Deadlifts 5-10 10
Tire Strikes 5-10 10
Rowing Machine 5-10 10 Calories

Handstand Push-Ups

Handstand Push-Ups are great for working your triceps, shoulders, and chest and requires plenty of coordination to stay balanced and stable. A great exercise to build muscle, what it really does it strengthen those stabilizer muscles to support those larger ones better.


Deadlifts are obviously a great exercise to work on strength in your back and legs while also reinforcing proper form. It is helpful for both functional and sport specific movements, depending on your overall goals.

Tire Strikes

A great strength builder while also getting your heart rate going, Tire Strikes work to also enhance grip strength along with speed and power. An engaging exercise, it will add diversity into your workout while you smash away.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a great piece of equipment to build strength while also endurance and it is a low impact workout. Requiring good posture, it will also reinforce form and works as a nice alternative to other machines.

Liver King

Best Supplements For Post-Workout Growth

Post-workout recovery time is key and while lifting weights and having a tough workout can spark that muscle growth, it is in recovery where we genuinely see gains happen. The right supplements can make or break this time and knowing which ones will be most beneficial is important. Definitely check out a great protein powder, for this will boost all areas of your muscle growth and recovery, as well as work for satiety and weight loss. Creatine is great for building strength and size while mass gainers will pump you with loads of macronutrients so you build seriously efficient mass. For overnight repair, casein protein is great for feeding our bodies even as we sleep.

Wrap Up

This workout from Liver King is sure to fire up your lungs and muscles as it is a true grind. Working hard and really diving into the world of Ancestral Living is also interesting and as part of Liver King’s mission, he truly stands by this. While having a good training routine and strict diet can work wonders for you, it is important to also understand how we treat our bodies as a whole. Staying physically fit is one thing, staying mentally sharp is different. Give this workout from Liver King a try and see what it can do for your full body gains today.

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