Best Grip Strengthener Exercises For Optimal Grip Strength


These grip strengthener exercises are perfect for enhancing grip so you never suffer through another big lift again.

Our ability to grip objects, both for sport specific movements and those that are more functional, is often overlooked but these best grip strengthener exercises can greatly affect the way you grip things. Working on increased grip strength will aid in our ability to build overall strength and is one of the most important tools we as athletes have.

We often times don’t think about the constant strain and pressure we put on our hands and finger muscles but every day we consistently rely on them for vital movements. Working on better grip will increase training and performance, but also aid in our overall physical health as we seek the best for our bodies. As a tool to increase physical performance and function, this will allow us to lift heavier thus giving us the best benefit to withstand any stress and strain caused by exercise and everyday movements (1).

Let’s take a look at the best grip strengthener exercises to enhance our grip as best we can. With the right exercise, your grip strength will improve beyond belief and you’ll never have to worry about a weak grip again. We all know the importance of it, so let’s start putting an emphasis on it.


Benefits Of Having A Strong Grip

Having a strong grip will ensure that you get the most out of each and every lift. Your ability to grip and the strength it requires to hold an object can greatly affect all sorts of exercises and ensure better functional movements as well. Something we take for granted, showing your muscles some love will allow them to grip objects better so you never sacrifice any gains.


Benefits of a strong grip includes:

  • Ability to perform many exercises: A strong grip will allow to perform a wide range of exercises so you aren’t limited to only those that you can grip well.
  • Larger forearms: Your forearms will ensure a better grip since these muscles are required to apply that grip (2).
  • Injury prevention: A strong grip will limit the number of other muscles required so as to use weaker ones as compensation (3).
  • Lift more weight: A good, strong, stable grip will allow you to lift more weight so you see those desired gains you want most.

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Best Grip Strengthener Exercises

Grip Clench

Using a spring loaded grip trainer is great for it creates resistance and can be used at any time, either during your workout, at the office, or while watching your favorite show.

Grab the grip trainer in one hand and squeeze for your desired number of reps. You can also hold for your desired amount of time to really give your grip a test.


Plate Pinchers

These are great for increasing strength in a pinch grip, which is used mainly for those movements used with your thumb and fingers.

Hold plates between your thumb and fingers for a desired amount of time. Drop them to the floor and repeat for your desired number of reps.

Towel Pull-Ups

A great compound movement, this works upper body muscles with an emphasis on your grip. Similar to the traditional pull-up, it requires you to use a towel as your primary tool.

Wrap a towel around the bar and grab each side with each hand. Perform a pull-up with your desired amount of reps.

Farmer’s Carries

These will work your core strength and requires the utmost grip as you walk for whatever distance you desire. This will work your shoulders, forearms, and hips to give you a great exercise.

Grab either dumbbells, kettlebells, or a bar and set your desired weight. Engaging your core, walk for a set distance or period of time making sure to not lose form.

Band Extensions

For these, you can use a professional band or even a rubber band or thicker rubber bracelet.

Wrapping the band around your fingers, lengthen and contract your fingers spreading the band farther apart. You will feel the pressure and know you are getting a good workout.

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Wrap Up

A good, strong grip means bigger gains. This is because we can tackle any and all exercises that may come our way so we don’t limit ourselves and rely on other muscles that may be weaker. Injury prevention matched with better overall physical performance should be an easy reason or two to work on tackling any grip strength goals. These best grip strengthener exercises can help us tackle all of our grip needs so we get the most out of each and every exercise. Give these a try and see what they can do for you as you look to really boost your grip strength.

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