10 Exercises To Add Variety In Your Next Workout

The 10 Best Bodybuilding Exercises Of All Time

Try these Exercises in Your Next Workout

Just like us humans, no two exercises are created equal. Most people stick to the same exercises in their workouts. Performing the same routines over and over can lead you to hit a plateau.

There are a few incredibly effective exercises which can target your muscles in a unique way. The exercises in this article will help you break the plateau and will take your gains to the next level.


Floor Dumbbell Chest Flyes

Most people make the mistake of not following the full range of motion while performing the bench dumbbell flyes. The floor dumbbell flyes force you to touch the floor with your elbows at the bottom of the movement and touch the dumbbells at the top of the movement.

Incline Pin Press

The upper pecs are a weak muscle group for most people. Incline pin presses are a great way to overload your upper pecs. Incline pin presses also add a layer of safety to the compound exercise.


T-Bar Rows

T-Bar rows are one of the most underutilized exercises when it comes to building a thick back. The T-Bar rows were one of Arnold’s staples and they should also be a part of your exercise arsenal.

Bent Over Lat Pull-Down using Seated Cable Row

The problem with the normal lat pull-down is, you can use momentum to bring the weights down. Bent over lat pull-downs on the seated cable row will eliminate the use of momentum and you will have to use your lats to pull the weights.


Reverse Seated Alternate Hammer Strength Press

The normal shoulder presses focus on the anterior delts, while the reverse seated alternate hammer strength presses focus on the medial deltoids. The hammer strength presses will help you in building the separation and roundness of your shoulder caps.


Arm Blaster Barbell Curls

For most guys arms are their favorite muscle group to train. Most guys let their ego get in the way of building a nice pair of guns. The arm blaster helps in isolating your pythons and will help in building the size, conditioning, and the bicep peak.


30’s will completely annihilate your biceps. In this exercise, you need to perform 10 reps of barbell curls on the bottom half, 10 reps on the top half and 10 full reps. 30’s are an extension of 21’s and are way harder.


Cable One Arm Triceps Extensions

Most people go too heavy on the cable triceps extensions and lean onto the bar. Stand straight next to the cable pulley machine and maintain a full range of motion. Hold and squeeze your triceps at the bottom of the movement.


Platz Hack Squats into Sissy Squats

Tom Platz arguably had the sickest legs in the bodybuilding industry. One of his not-so-secrets were the Platz hack squat into sissy squats. This exercise targets your quads and will help you in building that tear-drop.

Good Mornings

It is harder to develop your hamstrings as compared to your quads as you can’t see your hamstrings in the mirror and it is harder to develop a mind-muscle connection with them. Maintain a slight bend in your knees, push your hips back as you bend to lower the barbell. Imagine using your hams to lower the weights as compared to your back. Doing this will help you get a better pump.

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