5 Muscles You Can Train Every Day

Train These Muscle Groups Every Day

One of the first things that people learn when they join a gym is that they shouldn’t train the same muscle group every day. While this statement is mostly true, there are some exceptions to it.

You don’t train the same muscle group every day because your muscles need time to recover and grow bigger after your workouts.

While bigger muscle groups like your back, chest, and legs might need relatively more time, smaller muscle groups can be ready for action within 24 hours of a training session.



Calves are one of the most stubborn muscles and can be the weakest link for many people’s physiques. The calves are a small muscle group and recovery quickly because they are used to taking a lot of beating.

The rule of thumb for training calves is that if they aren’t sore, feel free to train them. With all the standing, walking, and running you do throughout your day, your calves can take on much more than a few sets of 10-15 reps.


The forearms are one of the most overlooked muscles and only a few people include them in their workout programs. Having symmetrical forearms, biceps and triceps can make your arms look bigger and stronger.

If you have thin forearms, you should consider doing overhand and underhand wrist curls at the end of your workouts. Performing three sets of 15-20 reps should be enough to get you Popeye forearms.


Let’s be honest here, how often do you train your neck? Don’t be shy about your answer as the majority of people will have the same answer to this question – not a lot. A muscular upper body with a toothpick neck is one of the most unpleasing sights.

The best thing about training your neck is that you can get great results with little effort. You don’t have to do the typical three sets of five exercises in your neck training. Performing a couple of exercises at the end of your workout can turn your toothpick in a wood log.



Abs are probably the most obvious entry on this list. Chances are you’re already training your abs every day. If you train your abdominal muscles every day, you should target them by dividing them into sections like upper, lower, middle abs and obliques.

The Most Effective Training Split For A Ripped Six-PackTraining a different section every day will give the other sections time to recover from your workouts. Performing core strengthening exercises like the planks can help in building overall strength for compound exercises.

Band Work

Performing exercises with bands is a great way to improve your mobility, warm-up before your workouts and get rid of the lactic acids after you finish training. Band work is great as there is minimal-to-no muscle damage, and it can speed up the recovery process.

Band exercises can also help with improving mind-muscle connection, achieving better pumps and help in fixing weak points. The band pull-apart, banded triceps pressdowns, banded biceps curl, banded leg curl, and banded pull-through are a few examples of the exercises you can do with resistance bands.

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