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Looks like there’s some new beef in the bodybuilding world.

Feuds are what many people on the internet live for. It gives them a thrill to learn that some real life drama could be going down right before their eyes. With social media more popular than ever, a viewer can get to see every minute of the verbal warfare unfold while eating some popcorn and enjoying the show. Conflict is as natural to human nature as breathing and to many people it can be a form of entertainment. Just check out a UFC fight or a boxing match if you don’t believe me. But it’s looking like a new feud has sparked up in the bodybuilding world by two unlikely fitness idols.

Recently the social media sphere saw two prominent figures in the bodybuilding realm have a little feud that is sure to spark interest in even the most casual bodybuilding fan. The two men involved, Kali Muscle and Jeff Seid, are both some pretty well respected individuals in the fitness community. Just what the hell caused all their feud to take place? Well there seems to be a wrestling video of Jeff Seid circling the web recently. Take a look here.

Presumably as a joke, the Youtube account under the name of AJ Aesthetics brought up the notion of Seid facing off against Kali in some kind of match up. Seid, intending to continue the joke, gave a response to the idea of a match up between he and Kali Muscle. If the whole thing was a joke it looks like someone forgot to tell Kali that. Check it out.

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If there’s one thing to be learned from all this, if you’re going to joke around with Kali Muscle then you better make damn sure you get your point across clearly.

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