Eddie Hall Takes On Massive 22,000-Calorie Burger Challenge With Brian Shaw & Nick Best

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The legendary Strongman trio ordered massive burgers to see who could finish it first.

Strongman competitors are known for their extremely large appetites, which are needed to eat enough to fuel their bodies for training. Recently, a legendary Strongman trio took on a food challenge that was even too much for them. Eddie Hall was joined by Brian Shaw and Nick Best at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas for a burger challenge that totaled 22,000 calories.

The group sat down at the table and ordered the massive burger, which was called the Octuple Bypass — and there was a special punishment if you did not finish your meal.

“I think the famous task is the octuple bypass…If you don’t eat your food, yogurt spanked.”

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Eddie Hall is no stranger to eating challenges and tasks. In the past, he has been able to manipulate his diet plan to reach goals. This includes cutting down while training for boxing and picking it back up during Strongman training. Recently, Hall swapped meal plans with UFC champion Tom Aspinall. Of course, this was more of a challenge for Aspinall since Hall’s diet plan consists of much more food.

Eddie Hall shared what a day in his life looks like.
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Strongmen Tackle 22,000-Calorie Burger

The trio sat down and looked at the menu to order the burger, which was loaded to the top with different ingredients:

  • 8 1/2 pound patties
  • 8 slices cheese
  • 8 slices tomato
  • 8 onions
  • 8 chili peppers
  • 40 slices bacon

Once the burgers were brought to the table, Eddie Hall suggested a 15-minute time limit.

“Wow. That’s bigger than I thought. It’s not a foot and a half tall.

“All right guys. Octuple burger. How many calories would you say? That’s 20,000 calories, plus the shake, that’s at least 1,000, probably two. 22,000 calories.”

Hall spoke on his MMA fight with Mitchell Hooper being cancelled in February due to contract disputes. Brian Shaw was also set to be part of the event. He is attempting to plan a new event with the same fighters but it will all come down to promoters. Despite this event being cancelled, Hall continues to train at a high level and have his eyes on goals moving forward.

Once the 15 minutes were up, the Strongmen called for judging to see who finished more. Both Shaw and Best led 3 1/2 patties but did not eat the veggies. Hall left a full four patties but finished his onions and tomatoes. After asking the waitress for a ruling, Hall was crowned the winner. Despite his victory, Hall would still get spanked with Shaw and Best because he did not finish his meal.

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