Eddie Hall Speaks On Cancelled Fight, Making New Plans: “Is There A Fight Looming? Yes”

Eddie Hall shared plans to replace the cancelled fight.
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Eddie Hall spoke out about his cancelled MMA fight and what the future holds.

Not long ago, it was revealed that the much hyped MMA event between Strongmen had been cancelled. It was a sudden announcement that shocked fans. Since the announcement, the biggest question since Brian Shaw shared the news has been – is there a plan to reschedule? Right now, there is no answer to that question other than the fact that Eddie Hall is working to get it going again.

On Monday, Hall shared a YouTube video showing off his current physique before a session in the pool. Hall is currently 352 pounds and shared how he feels good after training for an MMA fight over the last six months.

The MMA fight was scheduled to feature Hall and reigning World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper. The other battle was between Strongman legend Brian Shaw and Martyn Ford. Hall shared that he is still working to get a fight going and has reached out to these three first.

“Is there a fight looming? Yes there is. I’m talking to quite a few promoters, set some things up, try to lure different fighters in.”

It appears Hall wants to give the answers to the many questions that were surrounding this event. It has gained attention around the world as Strongmen were set to battle in the ring to test mobility and strength in many ways.

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Eddie Hall Speaks On Cancelled Fights

Shaw spoke on how promoters backed out of the original contracts that athletes signed for the event. Eddie Hall doubled down on this but did not know the details.

“It was big money, life-changing money and that’s why I took the contract. Of course, me and Brian are big family men, we want to make everything financially secure for our children, grandchildren. It just all fell through. It’s just one of those things. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a hard thing to take.”

Eddie Hall has been training for this event for the last six months. While it took a lot out of him and there is disappointment, Hall has remained positive.

“I’ve been training for an MMA fight for the last six months of my life. I’m sure you’ve heard the news. We don’t know quite what went down but the fight fell through.

“I like to look at the positives of this. The positives are I lost a lot of weight. Did a lot of cardio and got really fit. I’ve really upped my game in the fight world in terms of grappling and sparring.”

It will be interesting to see if Eddie Hall and others can find the right promoters for an event such as this. It is clear that there is interest from multiple sides – so hopefully this means something could come to fruition at some point moving forward.

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