Eddie Hall Tests Hardest Punch Against UFC And Kickboxing Greats

Eddie Hall tested his punch strength against UFC and kickboxing greats.
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Strongman Eddie Hall tested his punch against the likes of Tom Aspinall, Rico Verhoeven, and Jake Oakes.

Strongman Eddie Hall has dabbled in boxing and plans to make his MMA debut this year. Hall has trained as a fighter and decided to test his strength in the area against some other greats in other areas. The former World’s Strongest Man tested his punching strength against some of the best in UFC and Kickboxing.

A machine that is designed to test strength of a punch has become popular, especially with videos on social media. Hall was joined by UFC heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall, top-ranked heavyweight kickboxer Rico Verhoeven, and British kickboxing champion Jake Oakes.

The diverse group got together to test the strength of different punches and kicks. Hall brought the most weight to the battle while others varied in speed and strength.

“I think weight and technique play a big factor,” Aspinall said.

“This man can throw a show quicker than all of us put together. I can guarantee it,” Hall said of Oakes.

Hall has a boxing match under his belt where he was defeated by unanimous decision by Strongman rival Hafthor Bjornsson. Now, he is preparing to take on reigning WSM champion Mitchell Hooper during his MMA debut.

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Eddie Hall Tests Punch Strength

The group of four began by testing overall punch strength but eventually moved onto jabs and kicks. Eddie Hall turned in the hardest overall punch:

  • Eddie Hall – 901
  • Tom Aspinall – 887
  • Rico Verhoeven – 880
  • Jake Oakes – 875

Hall set multiple high scores on the machine, including a final of 901. After testing overall punch strength, Hall was curious who had the strongest jab and kick.

  • Strongest Punch: Eddie Hall – 901
  • Strongest Jab: Rico Verhoeven – 840
  • Strongest Kick: Jakes Oakes – 840

During his prep for this battle with Hooper, Hall has trained with many pros in the field. This includes UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall. Another session began with sparring against a Russian fighter who stands 6-foot-9, who knocked Hall out during the session.

Eddie Hall continues to work toward hitting the ring against Mitchell Hooper. While doing so, he has found new and entertaining ways to train and make content for his fans.

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