Iain Valliere Makes Top 6 Predictions For 2024 New York Pro

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Nick Walker is the favorite but who will round out the top five? Iain Valliere weighs in.

Iain Valliere might not be competing anymore but he remains up to date with the happenings in bodybuilding. That includes the upcoming New York Pro, which features an impressive Men’s Open lineup. During a recent appearance on Bro ChatValliere shared his predictions for the event and spoke on the top competitors.

Valliere announced his retirement from competition in September. He shared his plans to downsize while continuing to train hard in the gym. Valliere is a former New York Pro champion and knows what it takes to win on that stage.

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In 2020, Valliere returned to the Olympia after winning the New York Pro and improved to seventh in Men’s Open. The 2021 season was successful for Valliere as well, winning back-to-back shows during the Tampa Pro and Texas Pro. This year, Valliere won gold during the Toronto Pro Supershow.

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Iain Valliere Makes New York Pro Predictions

Iain Valliere joined the show to break down the full New York Pro lineup. He shared his top six competitors and it begins with the man who many expect to be crowned champion:

  • First Place – Nick Walker
  • Second Place – Tonio Burton
  • Third Place – Martin Fitzwater
  • Fourth Place – Quinton Eriya
  • Fifth Place – Stuart Sutherland
  • Sixth Place – Angel Calderon Frias

Valliere believes that Nick Walker will prevail during his return to action. Walker was forced to miss the 2023 Olympia with a hamstring injury but has recovered and is ready for competition.

If Walker comes out on top, the battle for second place will be intense. It includes reigning NY Pro champion Tonio Burton and Martin Fitzwater. Valliere believes that this is a coin flip but gives the slight edge to Burton.

“I think maybe the Tonio that showed up in Brazil, maybe, but Tonio looks like he made a few posing changes. He looks a little bigger and fuller to me…Those are a coin flip to me. The most recent updates of Tonio just really impressed me.”

Iain Valliere also discussed Quinton Eriya, who he believes can compete with the top five but does not have enough yet to defeat the likes of Walker.

“I don’t think he has the tissue yet to obviously be beating Nick. I think he’s definitely up in the mix with the rest of the guys, for sure.”

The New York Pro will take place Saturday with the Men’s Open results being released during the finals at night.

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