Nick Walker announced that he will miss the Olympia due to an injury.

Olympia contender Nick Walker announced on Tuesday that he will miss the 2023 Mr. Olympia due to a hamstring injury. Walker, who finished third in last year’s event, was expecting to make a run at the crown this weekend. Many had him as a potential front runner.

In a relatively short amount of time, Nick Walker has become one of the most anticipated bodybuilders in the IFBB Pro league. His massive size and conditioning have been lauded by fans and experts ever since he came onto the scene. Fast forward to 2022, Walker earned a third place finish at the 2022 Olympia – only behind champion Hadi Choopan and Men’s Open newcomer Derek Lunsford.

Nick Walker than jumped into the 2023 Arnold Classic just three months later. He brought a physique that was clearly more conditioned than his Mr. Olympia appearance but was perhaps slightly smaller and less full – reducing his famous “freak factor.” Due to this, he fell just short and landed second place.

You can watch Nick Walker’s full video message posted on his official Instagram below:

In a video message posted on his official Instagram channel, Nick Walker states that the injury happened shortly before he arrived to Orlando for the Mr. Olympia competition. He notes that he tried to push through the injury and receive treatment so that he could still compete. Ultimately, the injury got worse.

After conferring with his coach and team, they universally decided that Nick Walker should drop out of competing at the 2023 Mr. Olympia. They believed that his injury would surely prevent him from placing in the top 3. Walker did not want to take a step down in placing after his previous accomplishments.

Becoming emotional and holding back tears, Nick Walker admits that this was a very hard decision to make. He felt that this was his best Mr. Olympia prep and that it was also his easiest prep. Walker stated, “It just sucks, because you don’t know what to do.”

Nick Walker takes the time to thank Mr. Olympia organizers Jake Wood and Dan Solomon as well as IFBB Pro president Jim Manion. He also thanks his girlfriend for her endless support. Of which he claims that he would not still be competing without her.

Nick Walker ends the video on an optimistic note.

“Anyone who knows me, knows I will come back stronger.”

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