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The reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead hit a back workout with Iain Valliere.

Chris Bumstead is currently preparing for what he hopes will be his fifth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title. As we creep closer to the show, in this post we detail Bumstead’s intense back workout with Pro Bodybuilder, Iain Valliere for a back day.

Valliere might have retired from competitive bodybuilding but will continue to train hard in the gym. During his career, Valliere found great success in recent years. In 2020, Valliere returned to the Olympia after winning the New York Pro and improved to seventh in Men’s Open. The 2021 season was successful for Valliere as well, winning back-to-back shows during the Tampa Pro and Texas Pro. This year, Valliere won gold during the Toronto Pro Supershow.

As for Bumstead, he continues to be one of the biggest stars in bodybuilding. He won his first Olympia title in 2019 and has not relinquished the title since. On his YouTube page, Bumstead shared his latest back workout during prep.

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Chris Bumstead & Iain Valliere Back Workout

Pullover Machine

The workout began with warmup sets on the pullover machine. Bumstead spoke on his back routine and how he likes to fire up the back with this exercise.

“My back is fuc*ing random. I do like two working sets. One of them is optional, like a droplet or something. If I feel good, I’ll do three but typically two working sets. Six exercises, warmup with some pullovers.”

Bent-Over Rows

Bent-over rows were next on the list. Bumstead had been performing more chest-supported exercises and decided to mix it up.

“I’ve been neglecting rows so we’re starting with that today. to going crazy heavy, just trying to control the first five or six reps and lockout on the squeeze. And focus on squeezing up into my hips and lower lats. I’m gonna do one or two sets reverse grip to hit even more lower lats.”

Chest Supported Rows

Chris Bumstead returned to chest-supported exercises with a row machine. He discussed his weight with Valliere, who admitted he is leaner than this time last year.

“I’ve plateaued for like three weeks almost…I’m getting leaner though. Until I’m like four weeks out, I’m not going to worry about my weight.”

“You’re definitely getting leaner. You’re in good shape for six weeks out,” Valliere said.


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Dual Cable Lat Pulldowns

During the next exercise, which was lat pulldowns, Bumstead joked about making the switch to Men’s Physique.

“Men’s Physique this year. Men’s Physique weight cutoffs are what my weight cutoff was last year so might as well hop into Men’s Physique this year, change it all up. I’ve been training abs for like five weeks now. Catch me in the board shorts for 2023.”

Plate Loaded Machine Low Row

“We’ve had a nice little workout. Some sh*t that’s been aching in pain for me felt pretty good today.”

Chest Supported Dumbbell Lat Raises

During the last exercise of the day, Bumstead shared that he will be putting out another video explaining his split. He has isolated back on its own day rather than doing it with biceps.

“I switched my split up a little bit. Maybe my next video, I’ll explain what my split is but I do arms after back now. So instead of doing back and bi’s, I do a complete day to focus on a back workout and have arms tomorrow. Because of that, I’ve added in rear delts to back day.”

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