Iain Valliere Exposes Fake Chris Bumstead Twitter Account with 450K+ Following Post About Retirement

Chris Bumstead Iain Valliere
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Iain Valliere called out an imposter Chris Bumstead Twitter account after reports on a post teasing retirement.

In today’s era of social media, there are many fan accounts that follow athletes and celebrities across different avenues. There are also accounts that pose as these individuals. On Thursday, Generation Iron, among other outlets, reported a story from a fake Twitter account posing as Chris Bumstead. The fake Twitter account was confirmed by Chris Bumstead’s brother-in-law and bodybuilder Iain Valliere.

The post was a picture of Bumstead posing with his Olympia gold medal and trophy and read:

“The question is: hang it up… or bring one more home?”

After the story was shared on social media, Iain Valliere commented and called out the account, claiming that it was not Bumstead’s actually profile.

“He’s literally my brother-in-law and said himself that he didn’t post this.”

This is not the first time that this very account has been used to interact with others posing as Bumstead.

In December, this account responded to a tweet from Andrew Tate working out on his yacht. The response from the faux account read “tiny weights” which Tate clearly took offense to. He clapped back with a response that read:

“Heaviest weights I could find on the super yacht. How heavy are the weights on your yacht?”

After this happened, Bumstead took to his Instagram story to acknowledge the entertaining exchange.

“I don’t have Twitter, but this is hilarious if it’s real.”


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A post shared by Chris Bumstead (@cbum)

There have been rumors of Chris Bumstead retiring for some time now, as he has collected multiple Olympia titles in the Classic Physique Division, and has had some health issues in the past, so there were some whispers that he would be retiring from the stage after going for a fifth title. However, at the Olympia Press Conference two weeks ago, these rumors may have been shot down.

“I don’t know if you’re trying to get these guys’ hopes’ up, but I am right where I belong.”

Chris Bumstead is now a 5x Olympia champion with over 21 million followers across his (official) social media accounts. By all accounts, Bumstead is essentially a public figure and professional sports celebrity. In addition, is an entrepreneur with his own business ventures – and is also the face of his own Cbum series of supplements.

It goes without saying that this imposter Chris Bumstead Twitter account violates the guidelines outlined by Twitter (X) – as it does not purport to be a fan account nor does it indicate it is any sort of parody. This fake Chris Bumstead Twitter account posts regularly with content surrounding the bodybuilder’s life, both on and off the stage – including his recent announcement that he is expecting his first child.

Based on Chris Bumstead’s previous acknowledgement of this imposter Twitter account, it would seem that he has little interest or worry regarding the page’s existence. Though if it becomes more popular, there may be more confusion in the future should the account not be reported. Bumstead is a crossover bodybuilding celebrity – and those not cued in (including media outlets) may get duped in the future as well.

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