2023 New York Pro Results and Scorecards

2023 New York Pro results

Here are the full results from the 2023 New York Pro!

The 2023 New York Pro took place on Saturday, May 20th, in Teaneck, New Jersey. A total of nine winners earning qualification to the 2023 Olympia. The New York Pro has become one of the biggest shows on the bodybuilding schedule and this year did not disappoint.

The Olympia qualification system has changed this year. If an athlete did not finish in the top three in the previous year, or top five in Men’s Open, they will have to win a show to qualify. The points qualification system is no more. Also, former winners of an Olympia title have lifetime eligibility.

The New York Pro has crowned a new champion in Men’s Open. Blessing Awodibu was victorious in 2022 but did not return to defend his title. This opened the door for other competitors, such as Tonio Burton and Maxx Charles. Tonio Burton came out victorious in the Men’s Open division at the 2023 New York Pro. 

Awodibu might not have returned but three divisions saw last year’s winner defend their titles. Noel Adame (212), Natalia Abraham Coelho (Women’s Physique), and Donna Salib (Women’s Bodybuilding) were al crowned champions in their divisions in 2022.

The full results from the New York Pro has been released along with official scorecards. Below, you can find live updates from the event as results come in all nine divisions including Men’s Open, Classic Physique, 212 Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness. 

2023 New York Pro: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Open: Tonio Burton
  • Classic Physique: Michael Daboul
  • Men’s 212: Kerrith Bajjo
  • Men’s Physique: Ryan Terry
  • Women’s Physique: Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Figure: Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira
  • Wellness: Giesele Machado
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: Natalia Kovaleva
  • Bikini: Aimee LeAnn Delgado

2023 New York Pro Breakdown

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

Tonio Burton came into the weekend as one of the favorites and did not disappoint on stage. He has been catching the attention of many recently because of his insane conditioning and symmetry. The battle with Stuart Sutherland on Saturday night was close but Burton brought the best package and punched his ticket to the Olympia.

  • First Place – Tonio Burton
  • Second Place – Stuart Sutherland
  • Third Place – Josef Kveton
  • Fourth Place – Joe Seeman
  • Fifth Place – Eric Wood

Classic Physique

Michael Daboul continues to show that he is a contender in the division. After earning a victory during the Pittsburgh Pro, he earned his second consecutive victory, and did it on a bigger stage.

  • First Place – Michael Daboul
  • Second Place – Junior Javorski
  • Third Place – Alexander Westermeier
  • Fourth Place – Camilo Diaz
  • Fifth Place – Eric Abelon

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

Kerrith Bajjo is no stranger to the big stage. He finished second during the 2022 Tampa Pro before winning the Texas Pro. Now, he can add a New York Pro title to his ledger. Bajjo brought a physique that was extremely well-rounded and this put him ahead of the competition.

  • First Place – Kerrith Bajjo
  • Second Place – Diego Guerra Montoya
  • Third Place – Jason Hebert
  • Fourth Place – Jose Marte
  • Fifth Place – Sung Yeop Jang

Men’s Physique

Ryan Terry finished second to Corey Morris during the Pittsburgh Pro last weekend and decided to return to the stage once again. He brought a package that showed great detail, which earned him a victory and qualification to the Olympia.

  • First Place – Ryan Terry
  • Second Place – Vitor Chavez
  • Third Place – Sidy Pouye
  • Fourth Place – Daniel Ammons
  • Fifth Place – Juan Manuel Gochez


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Women’s Physique 

Natalia Abraham Coelho is proving that she is the name to beat in Women’s Physique. She won her first Olympia in 2022 and was crowned champion in Pittsburgh as well. Now, Abraham Coelho logged her second-consecutive New York Pro title. She was one of three competitors returning to defend her title and she did it successfully.

  • First Place – Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Second Place – Emily Schubert
  • Third Place – Joseli Schoenherr
  • Fourth Place – Yuna Kim
  • Fifth Place – Ann Gruber


Machado makes it two in a row after winning the Wellness division in Pittsburgh. She will now have a chance to compete in her first Olympia come November against the other elite competitors in the world.

  • First Place – Gisele Machado
  • Second Place – Tefani-Sam Razhi
  • Third Place – Lili Dong
  • Fourth Place – Edna De Souza
  • Fifth Place – Daisha Johnson


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Women’s Bodybuilding

Donna Salib returned to defend her title from last year and was a contender from early on. She fell to fourth on the scorecard and Natalia Kovaleva was crowned the new champion. Kovaleva will now have a chance to prepare for the Olympia.

  • First Place – Natalia Kovaleva
  • Second Place – Julia Whitesel
  • Third Place – Rene Marven
  • Fourth Place – Donna Salib
  • Fifth Place – Toward Smith


The Figure division was one of the deepest on stage on Saturday night. In the end, Maria Luisa Baena Pereira brought the best package on stage to secure the title.

  • First Place – Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira
  • Second Place – Natalia Soltero
  • This Place – Jennifer Zienert
  • Fourth Place – Rene Miller
  • Fifth Place – Danielle Rose


The Bikini division is extremely deep with talent all across the board. Aimee LeAnn Delgado is part of the equation. In a group that included Ivi Escandar and Reijuana Harley, Delgado has punched her ticket to the Olympia.

  • First Place – Aimee LeAnn Delgado
  • Second Place – Reijuana Harley
  • Third Place – Ivi Escandar
  • Fourth Place – Eli Fernandez
  • Fifth Place – Shense Case

Behind The Scenes Highlights

2023 New York Pro Behind The Scenes2023 New York Pro Behind The Scenes2023 New York Pro Behind The Scenes2023 New York Pro Official Scorecards

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