Urs Kalecinski Hints To Derek Lunsford About Potential Move To Men’s Open

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Urs Kalecinski spoke with Derek Lunsford about making the jump to Open.

Urs Kalecinski has been one of the top competitors in Classic Physique in recent years but has been unable to accomplish the ultimate goal of winning the Olympia. Recently, Kalecinski spoke with reigning Olympia champion Derek Lunsford about a potential move to Men’s Open.

Kalecinski has finished in the top three at each of the last two Olympia competitions, behind both Chris Bumstead and Ramon Rocha Queiroz. During the Arnold Classic, Wesley Vissers inserted himself into the mix with a victory. The Classic Physique division remains deep and competitive in 2024.

Kalecinski might move to Men’s Open in the future but he acknowledged that he has goals in Classic first.

“First of all, I have business. I have something to prove, business to take care of then we’ll see.”

If there is someone who knows about moving division, it is Derek Lunsford.

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Derek Lunsford Talks Move To Men’s Open

Lunsford pulled off an incredible victory during the 2021 Olympia when he defeated Shaun Clarida for the Men’s 212 title. Following the show, he put on an incredible amount of muscle and showed it off as a guest poser during the Pittsburgh Pro. It was clear that he would be unable to get back down to compete in 212 but that was the plan all along.

“When I was in 212, people were saying ‘you should go open. Your body is ready to go Open.’ I said ‘I have business to take care of in the class.’”


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Kalecinski spoke about his passion for Classic at the moment and discussed his current goals, which includes winning an Olympia title. Lunsford wants more bodybuilders to follow in his footsteps and make the jump eventually.

“My heart is in Classic now. Whenever it is time, and whenever I don’t look like sh*t net to this guy, then maybe I can think about it,” Kalecinski said.

“I want to see more guys like you in the Class coming up to Open and other guys in 212 come to Open,” Lunsford responded.

Ultimately, many believe the jump would be difficult. Lunsford admitted that it happened faster than he anticipate but once he was in it, the change was simple.

For an athlete like Urs Kalecinski, Lunsford believes it would be smooth.

“Not for you though. Let me tell you something, you love the training. As long as you just feed your training, you’re gonna explode, man. It’s not going to be the hard for you. People that don’t want to be in the gym training all the time, it’ll be hard for them but that’s not you.”

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