The biography, life, and accomplishments of Classic Physique Olympia Contestant Wesley Vissers

Amongst some of the greatest in the Classic Physique Division, you will find Wesley Vissers. Though he has not won a Mr. Olympia contest yet, he still competes and holds his own against some of the greats like Chris Bumstead and Ramon Dino, even taking down Ramon at the 2024 Arnold Classic. Vissers’ physique is something that is truly extraordinary, as he has crafted a truly classic look that many strive to replicate, with great proportions, immense muscle mass, and amazing conditioning. 

Let’s break down Wesley Vissers’ life, biography, training and diet regimens. 

Full Name: Wesley Vissers (Classic Physique Bodybuilder)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
216-234 lbs 6’2″ 5/6/1993
Division Era Nationality
Classic Physique 2010s, 2020s Netherlands

Wesley Vissers Biography

wesley vissers
Image courtesy of Instagram @wesleyvissers

Born on May 6, 1993 in the Netherlands, Wesley Vissers is a well known bodybuilder with some pretty great achievements. For one, he has his title as Mr. Golden Era 2017, the year he got his IFBB Pro Card. Aside from that, he also has been on the Mr. Olympia stage on several different occasions, and being on that stage is one of the highest honors in the sport of bodybuilding. Standing tall at 6’2” and weighing from 216 lbs to 234 lbs, the physique that Vissers has crafted has earned him a lot of respect and popularity in the bodybuilding world. 

Wesley always had a love for strength and sports throughout his childhood and early years, and he worked really hard to become a well known bodybuilder worldwide, with a popular Youtube channel and clothing brand to accompany it. That’s right, Vissers and his partner Marly Nooijen started a fitness brand called Vintage Genetics, a name that goes hand in hand with his love for Classic Physique. Vintage Genetics sells workout clothes, supplements and offers coaching to athletes seeking to craft a better physique.

Wesley Vissers’ Height

Wesley Vissers stands at 6’2″ tall, which is relatively tall for a bodybuilder. More height also can make it a bit more difficult to pack on muscle mass, but Wesley has built quite the physique for how tall he is. The Generation Iron team sat down with him to discuss how that effects his bodybuilding.

Contest History

Wesley Vissers is a seasoned veteran when it comes to competing in bodybuilding, so let’s take a look at his competition history.

  • 1st – FlexCup, 2013, Junior Division, Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • 1st – FlexCup, 2014, Open Division, Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • 2nd – Ironman & Ironmaiden, 2014, Junior Division, Sommelsdijk, Netherlands
  • 1st – Juliette Bergman Grand Prix, 2014, Junior Division, Sommelsdijk, Netherlands
  • 5th – Arnold Classic Europe, 2016, Junior Division, Barcelona, Spain
  • 1st – Juliette Bergman Grand Prix, 2016, Junior Division, Hilversum, Netherlands
  • 1st – Mr Golden Era, 2017, NSP Online Competition
  • 4th – Pepa Grand Prix, 2017, Open Division, Opava, Czech Republic
  • 1st – Juliette Bergman Grand Prix, 2017, Open Division, Hilversum, Netherlands
  • 1st – Royal London Pro, 2018, Classic Physique, London, England (earned the IFBB pro card) 
  • 1st – Chicago Pro, 2018, Classic Physique, Chicago, Illinois
  • 16th – Mr Olympia, 2018, Classic Physique, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 10th – Arnold Classic, 2019, Classic Physique, Columbus, Ohio
  • 1st – Romania Muscle Fest Pro, 2019, Classic Physique, Bucharest, Romania
  • 11th – Mr Olympia, 2020, Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida[45][46]
  • 3rd – Mr Big Evolution Pro Portugal, 2021, Classic Physique, Estorl, Portugal
  • 1st – Battle of Champions Pro Poland, 2021, Classic Physique, Warsaw, Poland
  • 11th – Mr Olympia, 2021, Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida
  • 3rd – Arnold Classic UK, 2022, Classic Physique, Birmingham, England
  • 1st – Yamamoto Pro Cup France, 2022, Classic Physique, Lille, France
  • 8th – Mr Olympia, 2022, Classic Physique, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1st – Europa Pro, 2023, Classic Physique, Alicante, Spain
  • 3rd – Dubai Pro, 2023, Classic Physique, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 7th – Mr Olympia, 2023, Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida
  • 1st – Romania Muscle Fest Pro, 2023, Classic Physique, Bucharest, Romania
  • 7th–  Mr Olympia, 2023, Classic Physique, Orlando, Florida
  • 1st– Arnold Classic 2024, Classic Physique, Columbus, Ohio

Wesley Vissers Training Routine

wesley vissers wins Arnold Classic

Wesley Vissers’ training routine is nothing short of intense and packed with volume. Vissers follows the push/pull/legs split, meaning that muscles that worked together are grouped in on the same day. For example, a push day utilizes the chest, shoulders, and triceps, then the pull day works the back and biceps, and the leg day hits quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It is a simple and effective workout routine. 

Check out Wesley Vissers’ push day: 

Machine Decline Chest Press
Incline Smith Machine Bench Press
Cable Fly
Cable Triceps Pushdown
Cable Overhead Triceps Extension
Sideways Incline Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Now, as you can see, Vissers utilizes a lot of machines and cable stacks for his workout. Though this might not be the “old school” way of using dumbbells and barbells only, this is because he has access to the equipment and uses it to his advantage. He also uses moderate rep ranges with heavy weight, getting a good mind-muscle connection and really squeezing on each rep. 

Wesley Vissers Diet

Image courtesy of Instagram @wesleyvissers

In order to get to the size and shape of Wesley Vissers, diet plays a huge part of crafting a physique like that. In the off season, his meal plan consisted of around 5,000 calories at the highest. Vissers stresses that you need to eat if you want to gain muscle mass, and that is exactly what he does. Check out his meal plan below: 

Meal #1: 938 kcal, 120g carbs, 18g fats, 68g protein

Meal #2: 814g kcal, 104g carbs, 12g fats 71g protein  (pre-workout)

Meal #3: 1052 kcal, 153g carbs, 17g fats, 65g protein (post-workout)

Meal #4: 914 kcal, 121g carbs, 20g fats, 61g protein

Meal #5: 695 kcal, 66g carbs, 18g fats, 62g protein

Meal #6: 477 kcal, 6g carbs, 23g fats, 59g protein

Totals: 4890 kcal, 570g carbs, 108g fats, 386g protein

Vissers stays getting in an adequate amount of protein, fat, and carbs to truly craft his physique, with his heaviest carb meals being based right around his training times. The carbs are used as pre-workout fuel, and post workout recovery.

Personal Life

Image courtesy of Instagram @wesleyvissers

Not much is known about Wesley Vissers’ personal life outside of his bodybuilding career and business. Aside from Vintage Genetics, Wesley also owns a gym, labeled “100FitGym” and it is based in the Netherlands. He also has a daughter! However, besides those things, Vissers keeps a lot of his personal life out of the spotlight, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wrap Up

Overall, Vissers is a great athlete and bodybuilding veteran that has broken the top ten on the Classic Physique Olympia stage on several occasions. With his great physique and determination, we believe that Vissers has a great future in the sport of bodybuilding.

Do you think Wesley Vissers will win an Olympia someday?

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