How to Watch the 2024 Arnold Classic (REPLAY)

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A complete guide on how to watch the 2024 Arnold Classic

The 2024 Arnold Sports Festival (named after Arnold Schwarzenegger himself) is coming up pretty quick, so mark your calendars for the weekend of February  29 through March 3, 2024. With the action garnering attention across the globe, we’ve put together a guide on how to watch he full 2024 Arnold Classic even and livestream.

Taking place at the usual spot of the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH, there will be seven IFBB Pro League divisions that will host pre-judging and the final rounds to determine who will be the champions for one of bodybuilding’s most prestigious events next to the Mr. Olympia.

The Arnold Classic is not just for bodybuilding however, as there are other events such as the Arnold Strongman and Strongwoman Classic competitions that will also take place, and some powerlifting and martial arts events.

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How to Watch the 2024 Arnold Classic Live Stream

Tickets for the events are currently available on the Arnold Sports website. For those unable to attend in person, Generation Iron will be on the ground floor and will provide a detailed schedule and breakdown on how you can check out the livestream for free in this post. 

The Arnold Classic livestream will be available for free, you just have to register for it on the Arnold Sports Festival website.

2024 Arnold Classic Schedule

The daily schedule for all seven divisions of the 2024 Arnold Classic are below, but times may be subject to change depending on the length of each round of judging.

Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024

  • Arnold Amateur — Day One

Friday, Mar. 1, 2024

  • Arnold Amateur — Day Two
  • Animal Cage — Day One
  • Arnold Strongman and Strongwoman Classic — Day One
  • Arnold Classic Pre-judging — Fitness, Classic Physique, Wellness
  • Chris Bumstead and Derek Lunsford Panel
  • Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler Panel
  • Greg Doucette Panel, Jesse James West and Noel Deyzel Panel
  • Armlifting USA
  • Arnold Classic Friday Night Pre-Show
  • Arnold Classic Fitness, Classic Physique, Wellness Finals, Men’s Open Pre-judging

Saturday, March 2, 2024

  • Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pre-judging and Finals
  • Animal Cage — Day Two
  • Arnold Classic Pre-judging — Bikini, Men’s Physique
  • Arnold Strongman and Strongwoman Classic — Day Two Finals
  • World’s Strongest Firefighter — Finals
  • Arnold Classic Saturday Night Pre-Show
  • Arnold Classic Bikini, Men’s Physique, Men’s Open Finals

Sunday, March 3, 2024

  • Arnold Sunday Seminar
  • USA Powerlifting
  • Animal Cage – Day Three
  • Rogue Record Breakers
  • Jocko Wilick Panel
  • Sam Sulek Panel
  • Amateur Strongman — Final

2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Lineup

This year’s Arnold Classic event has yet another stacked lineup, including a very recent former Mr. Olympia champion, as well as the returning Arnold Classic champion from last year. Suffice to say, this will be a tight battle for the top spot.

There are a total of ten competitors competing this weekend, check out the full roster below:

Hadi Choopan vs Samson Dauda Arnold Classic

What To Expect

With just ten competitors in the 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open lineup, there will be a close fight for the top spot at this year’s event.

All eyes are one two competitors in particular, Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda. Just two years ago, Choopan won the 2022 Mr. Olympia. And while he did fall down a place and lose his title in 2022, he only fell down to second in a very close match-up agains the now-champion Derek Lunsford.

Notably, Hadi Choopan placed second at the 2023 Mr. Olympia just one place above Samson Dauda, who placed third. It’s been just about six months since that competition – so it will be interesting to see if the tables turn or if Choopan can keep his edge above Dauda when they step on stage this weekend.

On the flip side, Samson Dauda is the returning Arnold Classic champion. However, when he won the competition last year, Hadi Choopan had not competed. This is Choopan’s first time competing in the Arnold Classic – in what seems to be his attempt to gain footing again (and some prize money) after losing the Olympia title.

Hadi Choopan’s strength comes from his incredible conditioning. His weakness comes in the form of being smaller in size compared to most Men’s Open competitors (Choopan originated in the Men’s 212 division before moving up).

This size difference will be in full display when Choopan stands next to Samson Dauda – who is one of the larger mass monsters in the division currently. Dauda’s strengths come in the form of his massive size, excellent proportions, and incredible fullness.

Samson Dauda also has been skyrocketing in fame by showing very fast improvements year over year. If he can continue this rapid speed of improvements and bring in his conditioning to match or beat Choopan – he can very well win this competition. Some argue that he is a shoe-in to eventually become a Mr. Olympia champion.

While most of the hype is surrounding these two competitors – we can’t leave out other highlights that can step up and claim the title. Rafael Brandao has been showing incredible improvements during his contest prep this season, bringing what might be the best physique of his career.

Akim Williams and James Hollingshead have also been garnering attention as they published their latest physique updates in the final week of contest prep. Putting their names into the online discourse of landing in the top 5 placings this year.

All of these competitors can claim the Arnold Classic title, especially depending on how they handle the last two vital days of contest prep. These final moments are make or break for the timing of their physique – ensuring their best package is seen on stage. One small mistake can throw off the timing and give way for another competitor to rise up and earn victory.

2024 Arnold Classic Pre-Judging Callout Recaps & Analysis

With the 2024 Arnold Classic well underway, our team has put together full recaps and analysis of the pre-judging posing routines and callouts. Check out our full recap reports below:

2024 Arnold Classic Results & Scorecards

With the first day of the 2024 Arnold Classic already wrapped up – we have a comprehensive breakdown of the Friday night finals, results, and scorecards. The Classic Physique, Fitness International, and Wellness International all battled for the top spot at one of the most prestigious events of the year in bodybuilding.

To check out the full results and recap of the finals – make sure to visit our 2024 Arnold Classic Results For All Divisions coverage.

Arnold Classic Backstage Highlights by Generation Iron

Generation Iron has provided in-depth coverage at the Arnold Classic for nearly a decade – including behind the scenes interviews with the biggest bodybuilding legends. Above you can catch our backstage interview with Ronnie Coleman discussing his legacy and the then upcoming film release of Ronnie Coleman: The King.

Below you can also watch our exclusive interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger as he speak on his thoughts of modern bodybuilding and his continued involvement with the Arnold Classic.

Wrap Up

The 2024 Arnold Classic is certainly going to be one for the books! There are tons of different events for everyone to enjoy, and we are excited to give you full coverage. Whether you are a fan of strength sports of bodybuilding, this sports festival has something for you to enjoy. What is your favorite part of the Arnold Classic?

Let us know!

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