2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Prejudging Report & Analysis

2024 Arnold Classic Men's Open Prejudging
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Highlights from the 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Prejudging.

The prejudging for the 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open division took place on Friday night. The 10 competitors vying for the title took the stage for the first time ahead of the finals on Saturday night.

The Men’s Open lineup for the 2024 Arnold Classic is a loaded one. It begins with former Mr. Olympia champion Hadi Choopan. The Persian Wolf will be making his debut at the Arnold Classic. Of course, he has plenty of experience on big stages with a Mr. Olympia title and multiple top three finishes under his belt. Reigning champion Samson Dauda will also return after a successful 2023 season. He finished third at the 2023 Olympia, behind Choopan and Derek Lunsford.

The first callout featured Choopan and Dauda at the top, along with James Hollingshead and Rafael Brandao. This duo was brought back out in the third callout on their own for comparison. Choopan and Dauda were the favorites coming in and it seemed to play out that way on Friday night.

Judges brought back out a group of five for a fourth callout including James Hollingshead, Akim Williams, and Justin Rodriguez. This was to compare competitors that are fighting for a spot in the top five. Dauda and Choopan were brought back out one final time in the fifth and final callout.

Prejudging is official in the books for the biggest division in bodybuilding. This set the stage for an exciting final on Saturday night. Below, check out a breakdown of prejudging.

Callout Report

First Callout

  • Antoine Vaillant
  • Rafael Brandao
  • Jonathan De Le Rosa
  • Samson Dauda
  • Hadi Choopan
  • James Hollingshead

Second Callout

  • Akim Williams
  • Justin Rodriguez
  • Mohamed Shabaan
  • Marcello De Angelis

Third Callout

  • Samson Dauda
  • Hadi Choopan

Fourth Callout

  • Akim Williams
  • Antoine Vaillant
  • James Hollingshead
  • Jonathan De La Rosa
  • Justin Rodriguez

Fifth Callout (Top 2)

  • Samson Dauda
  • Hadi Choopan

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