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The life, profile and future of fitness, Sam Sulek.

Gone are the days of bodybuilders only being on the cover of magazines, social media has taken fitness to a whole different level. The fitness industry is full of rising stars, especially on TikTok. There are plenty of people out there making fitness content, and it can get pretty repetitive, with the rise of gymcels and kids that go way too far with the whole gym personality. You see a lot of TikTokers that get their fifteen minutes of fame with one or two videos that blow up, but there are also a good amount of up and coming names. One of the biggest names right now is Sam Sulek, who has caught the attention of millions, including the Mr. Olympia competitors, like Chris Bumstead and Urs Kalecinski.

But, who exactly is Sam Sulek? Some say he resembles the mannerisms of the late Rich Piana, others say he is the next Dallas McCarver, but in this article we take a look at exactly who Sam Sulek is.

Full Name: Sam Sulek (Fitness Influencer)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
240 lbs 5’11″ 2/7/2002
Division Era Nationality
None yet 2020s American 

Sam Sulek Age, Height, and Weight

Perhaps some of the most astonishing facts about the former gymnast and diver, Sam Sulek, are his physical statistics, meaning his age, height, and weight. Sam stands at 5’11” tall, and is still very young, having just turned 21 in February of 2023. Though he is young, he still carries around a massive amount of muscle mass and relatively low body fat levels, even during his bulking phase. When he is trying to put on size, Sam Sulek weighs around 240lbs. It is not often that you see younger bodybuilders holding that much muscle. 

So, how did he get that big?

Sam Sulek Training 

One very important aspect of how Sam Sulek obtained the size that he did is his training regimens. You can see a good amount of clips of him training on TikTok, but he also has a YouTube channel with a growing following that details his daily routines and training regimens. Sam follows the training of old school heavy hitters, such as Mike Mentzer, hitting each body part with the utmost intensity, but allowing adequate time for recovery in between training sessions.

He has a chest day, back day, leg day, and an arm day, there is no designated shoulder day as he sprinkles in some shoulder work whenever he feels it is right, such as lateral raises during his chest workout. Sam Sulek only uses about 4-6 exercises per muscle group during each training session, but he absolutely destroys each body part, making sure he has nothing left in the tank when he leaves the gym. As far as his rep range, Sam stated that he tries to aim for sets of 8-12 reps, getting a good mind-muscle connection throughout the movement and ensuring that he gives it his all on each set. 

Sam has been seen using a mix of compound and isolation movements throughout his workouts. He uses a lot of old school barbell exercises and makes sure to go heavy on them, using the term “ego lifting” to describe some of his lifts. Let’s break down his training routines below:

Sam Sulek Push Workouts

  • Incline Barbell Press
  • Incline Smith Machine Press
  • Bent Over Cable Chest Flyes
  • Pec Deck Flyes
  • Machine Lateral Raises

Sam Sulek Back Workout

  • Medium Grip Lat Pulldowns
  • Chest Supported Rows
  • Low to High Cable Rows
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
  • Cable Face Pulls
  • Reverse Peck dec flyes

Sam Sulek Arm Day

  • Cable Tricep Pushdowns
  • Seated Machine Tricep Dips
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls
  • Incline Seated Cable Curls
  • Preacher Curls & EZ Bar Curls
  • Dumbbell Wrist Curls

Sam Sulek Leg Workout

  • Seated Hamstring Curl
  • Narrow Stance Barbell Squat
  • Seated Leg Extension
  • Single Leg Hamstring Curl
  • RDL Machine
  • Seated Leg Press Machine

Sam Sulek’s Bulking Diet

The diet of Sam Sulek is nothing short of interesting, as it does not follow the typical bodybuilder diet of just chicken, rice, and top rated protein shakes, but instead utilizes some different foods that usually are consumed by an obese individual. During his last bulk, Sam did a vlog on his full day of eating, and it totaled up 5,200 calories for the day, and it was not as clean as you may think. Though he is trying to add size on a bulk right now, the foods Sam eats may shock you. 

Take a look:

Meal One

A quart of chocolate milk

Meal Two

Cereal, this is a pre-workout meal (he wants 400 grams of carbs in his system before he lifts)

Meal Three

As his post workout meal, he has a protein shake

Meal Four

Sam and the Hosstile team stop at Five Guys

Meal Five

To get to the desired 5,000 calories for the day, Sam finishes the day off with some Krispy Kreme donuts, and four cups of milk

Keep in mind when it comes to Sam Sulek’s diet, the term “meal” is used loosely. All jokes aside, the foods that Sam Sulek eats are completely out of the ordinary for a bodybuilder, and this has caught the attention of none other than Greg Doucette. What Greg had to say was that Sam had “one of the worst diets” he had ever seen. 

It is interesting to see the diet, because Sam sports a massive amount of muscle mass yet does not seem to care too much for the macronutrients and food sources, rather just making sure to get the proper caloric intake. Mike Mentzer had a similar approach to his own diet. Though he did not eat consistent junk food like Sam, Mentzer stated that protein intake did not matter as much as bodybuilders and fitness magazines told you to.

It will be interesting to see Sam Sulek’s diet when he is cutting. 

Is Sam Sulek Natural?

Although he has not come out and said anything regarding steroid usage, we can only make assumptions. Now, Sam Sulek is well over 240 lbs, most of which is straight muscle mass, and in order to get to this level of bodybuilding, often times performance enhancing drugs are utilized. It is assumed that due to Sam being so massive and shredded even with a suboptimal diet, as well as displaying acne and consistent shortness of breath, (which are also side effects of steroid usage) that he is in fact not natural. 

This is another thing that caught the attention of Greg Doucette. Greg made a video highlighting Sam’s leanness and size, the visual changes in his face, and visible side effects such as the acne. Greg said that he believes Sam Sulek is on high doses of anabolic steroids, and is “not playing it safe”.

However, IFBB Pro and bodybuilding legend, Lee Priest chimed in and said it best:


Lee Priest was known during his day and age for being freakishly large and conditioned while being so young. Many people gave the same backlash to Lee Priest that they do to Sam Sulek regarding PED speculations. Lee also credits Sam’s age with how he is able to eat the way he does, stating that he is younger and has a faster acting metabolism, and as long as he gets his bloodwork then he is more than likely fine.

Lee went on to say:


He also brings up the point that Sam is not out there advising people to follow what he does like many other influencers. Instead, Sam Sulek is just showing people what he does, and how it is working for him, but everyone is different.

Personal Life

Aside from bodybuilding, Sam Sulek’s personal life is kept out of the spotlight for the most part. He is known for being very humble, awkward, and shy in person, resulting in memes of him floating around on social media. He is actually still in college too, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, studying Mechanical Engineering. 

Besides that, Sam is a former diver and gymnast, which at his size may shock you. You may be wondering how someone like that can do anything but lift, and that is a good question. However, Sam recently posted a video of himself at the pool, and even at his size he managed to pull off an impressive dive.


Sam Sulek Arm Workout and Diet

Sam Sulek Back Workout

Sam Sulek and Samson Dauda Posing

Wrap Up

Overall, Sam Sulek is nothing short of interesting, and he is gaining popularity because of it. His training is of the utmost intensity, but his diet shocks a lot of people. 

What do you think of Sam Sulek?

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