The Smith Bench Press: Best For The Chest?

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Could this machine for “amateurs” actually the best for the chest pecs?

It’s been debated many times before. Some people are advocates for the smith machines. They can offer a newbie a chance to get their form right regardless of which machine they’re using. It can provide an adequate workout that will allow a lifter to get all the necessary chest gains they seek. Then there are the detractors, the people who believe the smith machine is for weaklings, for those too scared or too inexperienced to do some real lifting.

It’s definitely an opinionated subject matter. Someone for instance looking to build up their chest may hop on the bench and try and build up their pecs through traditional means such as flyes or bench pressing, exercises that athletes like Big Ramy and Triple H have in their own routines. Not many people are running in droves to the smith machine bench press simply because of the notion that it’s not for “serious lifters”. It’s defintely a question that many of us have had in the past. If someone wanted to make some major chest gains, is the smith machine bench press a viable option?

Well CT Fletcher has his own opinion on the smith machine and how it can be beneficial to any lifter, bodybuilder and powerlifter alike. Take a look.

CT’s philosophies on lifting aren’t exactly proven by scientific standards, but you have to admit the proof is in the pudding. The guy’s huge and a powerlifting champion for a reason. Maybe in this instance stepping out of your comfort zone and deferring to a man with experience may just end up getting you the results you seek.

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