Generation Iron Massive Chest Workout

We pick the best exercises to help those pecs bulge to maximum capacity.

Next to the biceps, the chest is one of the most fun muscles to show off. It’s the most obvious depiction of all your hard work. If you have a gigantic symmetrical chest – people are going to notice. It sticks out and calls attention to itself. It’s the keystone, demanding that stunned eyes explore the rest of the body to see that kind of titan you’ve become.

We want to help you show off those pecs. So to help we’ve done some research and decided to compile the top five chest exercises that you could do to build a massive chest. You can thank us later.

#5. Close-Grip Weighted Push-Up


Push-ups are an old standby for building up your chest area. It’s simple and can be done virtually anywhere – making it a great go-to for constantly pumping those pecs. But there is more you can do than a traditional push-up that we all know and understand. If you do your push-ups a certain way, you can maximize chest activity.

That’s where the close-grip weighted push-ups come in. Pulling your hands into a narrow position will push your inner pecs to the limit while the added weight on your back pushes your muscles to the next level.

This is the perfect way to put a finisher onto your chest workout. The icing on the cake to all that chest pumping you’ve been doing for the day.

#4. Bar Dips


The bar dip is an often underrated exercise that should not be underestimated. Bar dips are a fantastic compound exercise that uses your bodyweight to really put the intensity on your chest and triceps.

If you want to stimulate the chest even further and move away from the triceps – simply lean forward while performing the bar dips. Fair warning though, if you really want to lean to an angle that will level your chest – train with a partner to help you get in the right position.

If you want to push this even further, consider adding weight using a belt. Suddenly this forgotten exercise is starting to look like a real chest powerhouse.

#3. Kettlebell Flye

Pecs 6

Chest flyes are always a great exercise for building your pecs – but using kettlebells will increase its effectiveness even more so. Since the kettlebells are harder to grip – your chest will have to do extra work to make up for the extra weight your palms can’t handle.

With this simple addition to your chest flye workout you can ensure that you are getting the most out of chest. As always, make sure to get the full range of motion as you perform this workout to ensure the best results.

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