Lee Priest Defends Sam Sulek’s Diet, PED Speculation: “You Don’t Know What He Is Taking, Stop Speculating”

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Lee Priest defends Sam Sulek for his diet plan and potential drug use at the moment.

Sam Sulek is a young bodybuilder that has gained plenty of attention on social media recently. He is also getting noticed by some top figures in the sport of bodybuilding, including Lee Priest. Recently, Priest defended Sulek against those criticizing his weight gain and nutrition.

Priest enjoyed a career on stage that spanned into three decades. He has had the chance to compete against legendary bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler, Shawn Rayand Chris CormierBefore calling it a career in 2013, Priest won the NABBA Mr. Universe competition.

Priest made headlines early on for his incredible conditioning, including some of the best biceps in bodybuilding, and he was a young guy on the stage, competing against seasoned veterans and holding his own. That being said, he knows what it is like to burst onto the scene at a young age in bodybuilding and recently spoke on Sulek’s rise to fame.

“People are commenting on he must he on a lot of drugs. You don’t know what he is taking. Stop speculation so yeah, it’s crazy.”

Lee Priest spoke on the speculation of Sam Sulek’s drug use but also defended his diet plan because of his age.

Sam Sulek
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Lee Priest: “For Now, It’s Working For Him”

A YouTube account called Sam Sulek Clips shared a video of Lee Priest speaking on the up-and-coming bodybuilder.

“For now, that is working for him. If he is eating that and he goes to the doctor to get his blood checked and his blood checks out fine right now but later on, his doctor might say ‘hey, this is creeping up. You may need to clean up your diet a bit,’ I’m sure he will.”

Priest began by discussing his eating habits at a young age compared to that of Sulek right now.


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“When I was 21, 20 like that video I put up on Instagram, not long ago when I was 22 years old and I was shredded. At 22, I was still eating half and half milk and this and that but as I got a bit older, I can’t do that anymore so it changes.

You just gotta learn but like I’ve said, Sam’s not out there saying you must do it this way…It’s like, just let the kid be. He’s got like two million followers on YouTube and stuff like that.”

This is not the first time that Priest has openly defended Sulek because of the attention that he has been getting. This continued by the former bodybuilding defending the nutrition habits of the future.

Sam Sulek is not preparing to compete on stage but has gained plenty of attention for his weight gain and overall physique. When the time comes that he does take the stage, it will gain even more attention.

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