Chris Cormier Compares Neckzilla’s Lower Body To Big Ramy, Says Legs Are “Bigger Than Anybody’s He’s Ever Seen”

Chris Cormier believes that Neckzilla's legs are comparable to the size of Big Ramy.
Neckzilla/Big Ramy Instagram

Chris Cormier believes that Neckzilla Mosquera has bigger legs than Big Ramy.

Rubiel Mosquerawho has become known as Neckzilla, turned plenty of heads during his IFBB pro debut recently. Now, he is even drawing comparisons to a former two-time Mr. Olympia champion. During a recent conversation on The Menace PodcastChris Cormier compared the size of Mosquera’s lower half to Big Ramy.

Neckzilla made the jump from the IFBB Elite Pro League to the NPC, like many have in order to earn a Pro Card. This happened at the Prague Pro Amateur. Less than one day later, Mosquera returned to the stage and finished third during the Men’s Open competition in Prague. He went toe-to-toe with Samson Dauda and Michal Krizo on stage and finished third during the show.

After his performance, Neckzilla impressed many and this includes Chris Cormier.

“He’s a f*cking sight.”

Cormier doubled down and compared his legs and quads to that of Big Ramy at his peak.

Rubiel Mosquera, known as Neckzilla, impressed during his pro debut and looked enormous on stage.
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Chris Cormier Talks Neckzilla & Big Ramy

During his peak, Big Ramy was a marvel with the overall size of his physique. This includes his massive legs, which helped him win two Olympia title. Chris Cormier believes that Neckzilla has all of the size in the lower half.

“I don’t think his legs are a third of an inch less than Ramy’s ever were. Listen, keep in mind, he doesn’t even have the separation in the quads yet. Put the separation in there, they are going to look twice as big.”

Big Ramy’s legs measured 35 inches and Cormier believes that Neckzilla will get there and is not far off just yet. This came during a talk with Milos Sarcev.

“I’d put my money on him more than anybody I know as far as that can make that type of difference. Legs are bigger than anybody’s I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Bigger than Ramy’s? No, come on,” Sarcev responded.


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Dennis James pointed out the overall size of Ramy’s legs and Cormier reponsded that they are “every bit of that.” He continued to discuss some weaknesses of Neckzilla.

“The delts need to be more developed, more bigger. I would like to see the serrates and the obliques more diced and developed. I’d like to see more. His back-double biceps is better but it’s still very brand new. It’s an unpushed. It hasn’t really been tampered with.”

Neckzilla Mosquera has a chance to be the next big thing in the IFBB and has already logged a top-three finish in his first show. Now, he will continue to work to gain an Olympia bid and appear on the biggest stage in 2024.

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