‘Neckzilla’ Mosquera Looks Enormous During Latest Competition

Rubiel Mosquera, known as Neckzilla, impressed during his pro debut and looked enormous on stage.
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Rubiel ‘Neckzilla’ Mosquera recently took the stage and did not disappoint.

Rubiel Mosquera became known as Neckzilla due to the incredible size of his neck and traps. That does not take away from his overall size and he got a chance to show it off on stage in Prague.

Mosquera took the stage during the 2023 EVLS Prague Pro and put on a show. He earned his Pro Card just days earlier at the EVLS Prague Pro Amateur. Shortly after, Mosquera took the stage against some of the best in the world in Men’s Open. Neckzilla finished with the bronze medal behind Samson Dauda and Michal Krizo. Despite not winning the event, Mosquera stole the show with his insane size and potential.

Mosquera took the same route as many bodybuilders nowadays, including Krizo. He began in the IFBB Elite Pro League and eventually made the move to NPC. He quickly earned his Pro Card and took the stage right away in Men’s Open.


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Neckzilla’s pro debut caught the eyes of many and kept them talking after the show was over.

Chris Cormier Talks Rubiel Mosquera

Rubiel Mosquera impressed many on stage and Chris Cormier broke down his performance following the action in Prague.

“I’m telling you right now, they had the winner but it was Rubio’s day, show, and weekend. I’m telling you from the fan standpoint, he was the star.”

Cormier continued to discuss Neckzilla and the breakdown of his physique.

“He’s definitely the Rottweiler in this group. I did like Rubio’s abs against everybody’s. He had like cubed out abs. I tell people if you’re going to have a powerful body, there’s no way you can have flat abs and not paying attention to your abs that much.

Like you see the dominance in the legs. You know what I was telling Rubio, it’s a good thing it is. You know that it’s not like super-dried out quads these days where you’re not going to look that bad out of shape but we would like to see more cut details in his quads. As you see right here, it’s not like he’s so far behind.”

The performance by Neckzilla gained plenty of attention and showed that he is an up-and-coming threat in the Men’s Open division.

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