Dallas McCarver Bodybuilder Dead At 26

Dallas placed top 10 in Mr Olympia 2016.


We sadly report that Dallas McCarver has passed away on August 22, 2017. The 26-year-old bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, placed top 10 at the 2016 Mr. Olympia and was the boyfriend of WWE star Dana Brooke.

According to TMZ, he reportedly died from choking on food.

Dana Brooke confirmed, that McCarver was found unconscious at his home early Tuesday morning. Generation Iron later confirmed he was pronounced dead at a local hospital, and officials say that there aren’t any signs of foul play. A full autopsy has been released and reviewed by Generation Iron.

“Dallas was an exceptional body builder, but I didn’t see him for that .. I saw him for HIM AND HIS HEART!! He is the best individual I have ever met—my ying to my yang..,” Brooke wrote on her Instagram page.

The cause of death appears to be choking on food, Brooke told TMZ. An autopsy three months later revealed additional information about McCarver’s death. Earlier that day, McCarver posted a video of himself chest pressing 160-pound dumbbells on his Instagram page. It now has over 2.8 million views.

Additional details continue to come in and many of his friends like Matt Jansen, family and his sponsor at Redcon1, have made statements on his untimely death.

Many have suspected that insulin and chronic use of anabolic steroids have led to cardiac failure. He was found with an enlarged liver and kidney. Choking has also led many to believe that cardiac arrest was also at play.

For now we would like to send out our thoughts and condolences to Dallas McCarver and his family.

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