Luke Stoltman Speaks On Leaked Call Regarding World’s Strongest Man And Giants Live

Leaked Calls

Luke Stoltman had a private conversation leaked and it has caused some controversy.

Luke Stoltman is one of the top competitors in Sacramento vying for the title of World’s Strongest Man this week. Unfortunately, the strongman is dealing with another issue that he recently decided to address. 

This week, a conversation as leaked by Mark Boyd, who is a member of the World’s Ultimate Strongman organization. Stoltman was on the call speaking on some details about the World’s Strongest Man and Giants Live. In the conversation, it appears as though the group of three are discussing how groups are adjusted in a certain way for the World’s Strongest Man competition.

Stoltman recently shared a video on YouTube to speak on the action by Boyd, who seems to be interested in discrediting the competition. Just a small portion of this conversation was recorded and it did not tell the entire story.

“At no point did I think my friends were recording the private conversation. And this conversation, by the way, it wasn’t just a minute conversation. It was about 30 minutes.”

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Luke Stoltman on World’s Strongest Man

Luke Stoltman wanted to set the record straight about this conversation. He explains that the conversation took place in April 21. It might not be a coincidence that it was released the same week of the World’s Strongest Man.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get a very good seeding at World’s Strongest Man, was a little annoyed at that. And just to prove a point. Last year, I won Europe’s Strongest Man and the World Tour Finals and surprise, surprise, I get great seedings at the World’s Strongest Man. It proves that the system does work in place,” Stoltman explained.

Stoltman continues to explain that he has received his seeding in the past based on his performances in Giants Live. He explained that he is under a retainer, like many athletes, and there is no corrupt business. This is a way for the company to protect itself, its athletes, and retain some of the best. Stoltman has competed in Giants Live to qualify for the World’s Strongest Man.

Giants Live has promoted the Stoltman brand, which is extremely popular led by Luke and his brother Tom Stoltman, who is the reigning champion at the World’s Strongest Man. Luke Stoltman finished his video by saying he as wrongly recorded and that his full focus is on the competition this week.

“The things I said were recorded wrongly. It was a private conversation. It was basically because I didn’t want to do World’s Ultimate Strongman.”

“That’s the bottom line. I’ve had a conversation with two friends that had wrongly recorded that conversation. I said things privately to them and they recorded that conversation…I will have nothing else to say in the matter. I have World’s Strongest Man to win. That is my main priority. That is my only priority this week.”

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