Nick Walker’s Three-Year New York Pro Transformation Draws Reaction From Fans

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Nick Walker has made great strides in three years and fans could not help but comment.

Nick Walker is on his way back to the stage. He is returning to the New York Pro in just a couple weeks, which is a show where he has a victory under his belt already. A three-year transformation was recently shared and this caused a reaction from fans on social media. Walker won the New York Pro in 2021 and a physique update from then was compared to one shared by Walker recently.

Walker quickly rose to the top of the Men’s Open division in a relatively short amount of time. This includes winning the New York Pro during his rookie year. In 2021, he was crowned champion of the Arnold Classic before hitting the Olympia. He has two top-five finishes in each of the last two years and was a hopeful for this year as well.

Walker suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out of the 2023 Olympia. Many thought that he would have contended for the title but was unable to take the stage. Now, he will look to qualify for the 2024 Olympia and make improvements to fight for this year’s crown.

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Walker has impressed in recent weeks with different workouts and physique updates. A transformation was shared on social media and it highlighted the size that Walker has put on.

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Nick Walker’s Insane Three-Year Transformation

As expected, Nick Walker made great strides in three years. Beginning in 2021, he has taken his game to the next level and has gained attention of many in bodybuilding. Walker has put himself up there with the best in the world and the ultimate goal is to raise a Sandow Trophy.

Walker’s transformation has caused a great reaction from fans looking forward to his return to the stage.

“Bro added layers ???? that’s insane”

“Who is coming in second place?”

“He will win this year’s Mr.Olympia”

Of course, like any sport around the world, all reactions have not been positive. There are many fans that continue to critique Walker’s physique.

“The problem is his upper body improved more than his lower body”

“Short legs long upper body and legs don’t match even close.. and the widest waist in the game????”

Nick Walker will loo to bring his best to the stage during the New York Pro as he attempts to qualify for the 2024 Olympia.

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