Luke Stoltman Sets New PR Squat Double With 738-Pound Lift

Luke Stoltman continues to impress and put up huge numbers in the gym preparing for competition.

The Stoltman Brothers have made a huge impact as strongmen in their career and have only improved over the last year or two. Luke Stoltman is the reigning 2021 Europe’s Strongest Man champion and could have his eyes on some more prizes in 2022. In a recent training session, Stoltman set a new PR squat double by dominating 355kg (738lbs) for two reps.

Stoltman was joined by his brother Tom, reigning World’s Strongest Man, and Dr. Dan Managi of The Strength Game. He is joining the Stoltman brothers to help them during training. Both Luke and Tom have been announced as competitors in multiple competitions already. It begins with the 2022 Britain’s Strongest Man competition, which will take place on Feb. 26 in Sheffield, England.

Just a week after, both brothers will appear at the 2022 Arnold Strongman ClassicThe max squat will be the first lift and it looks like Luke Stoltman is doing all he can to get his numbers up.

The Stoltman brothers went through a squat workout that was meant to feature working sets and heavy doubles. It began when they added 75kg (165lb) pounds on the bar and increased by 50kg each set. Both Luke and Tom added knee straps before attempting the 225kg (496lb) lift. From then on, the weight just kept increasing.

Luke Stoltman began his heavy squat doubles with a 315kg (694lb) attempt. These two reps were effortless, just like the two with 325kg (716lb) on the bar. This is when he decided to try and hit a new PR.

“It felt good, it was the same weight as last week, but for a double… We’ve ordered a couple of single ply suits… We’ll see if that adds an extra bit.

“We’re trying to get everything working properly, and these are a safe way of really f***ing yourself up.”

The massive leg day ended with hamstring curls and a variety of calf exercises. The max squat is an event that is important during events and Luke Stoltman is preparing to take down some of the competition. Both Stoltman brothers continue to be a force and will be top competitors at each event they take place in. This could be a special year if all goes right.

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Greg Patuto
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