Martyn Ford Shares Current Weight Of 315 Pounds Ahead Of Fight Against Iranian Hulk

Martyn Ford is finalizing the look of his physique ahead of this fight.

Martyn Ford has such an impressive and massive physique that many thought he was photoshopped. While it is clear that he is not, Ford is continuing to improve his physique ahead of his fight with the Iranian Hulk. On Sunday, Ford revealed his current bodyweight just three weeks out of the much-anticipated bout.

This is not an official weigh-in for the event. The two are set to meet at the O2 Arena in London on April 2. Ford has such a massive build that it makes him an intimidating figure. This has led to his nickname of the ‘World’s Scariest Man.’ This weight update was given on Instagram where he shared that he is 315 pounds.

“Weighed in this morning at 143kg. Feel Amazing in the lead up to this fight, still powerful, explosive and working hard on speed. Time to step it up even more now, no letting up, I will be the best version of ME … no matter what, I WILL be ready. (Sorry/not Sorry for My pout 😂)”


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Martyn Ford stands at 6-foot-9 and this makes his build look slimmer. Ford has huge shoulders and massive legs so it is not surprising that he is around 315 pounds. Since his preparation began, ford is down about 15 pounds.

The matchup between Ford and the Iranian Hulk is an interesting one when looking at the size of each fighter. Ford is expected to enter the fight around this bodyweight while being close to seven inches taller. Despite standing 6-foot-2, Sajad Gharibi reportedly weighs around 400 pounds.

This is an anticipated fight between two fighters who have made it personal and want to get the better of each other. This was shown during the first stare down between the two where each took a shot at the other. First, it was the Iranian Hulk who tried to take down Ford. During the second attempt at a stare down, Ford delivered a shove that sent Gharibi to the floor.

This is not the first time that these two have been linked in a fight but there is finally a date and it is quickly approaching. Martyn Ford is considered the favorite in the fight and continues to show off an impressive physique heading in.

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