National Bodybuilding Co. Bodybuilding Multivitamin Review

Do I Need a Multivitamin for Bodybuilding?

When you think about bodybuilding supplements, your initial thoughts probably go to Whey protein, fat burners, or pre-workouts, products that you may already be using as part of your routine. However, one of the most important supplements that you might be missing is a multivitamin.

It is a fact that the human body needs a certain amount of nutrients to perform its best, including many essential nutrients that the body can’t make on its own. If you become deficient in any essential vitamin or mineral, it causes a breakdown of the metabolic pathway, and you will lose any chance at hitting your peak performance and seeing the biggest possible gains.

You may believe that you do not need to supplement because you are strict with your diet. However, there are many reasons why anyone would benefit from a multivitamin. For one, it isn’t easy to ensure that you eat enough variety to get everything you need. Secondly, a lot of our food is grown in nutrient-poor soil, and it travels along the way to get to our plate. The longer time passes from when food is picked to when it reaches our plate, the more nutrients it is losing. With our modern lifestyle and consuming habits, multivitamins are more critical than ever.

As a bodybuilder, a multivitamin supplement is especially important because the harder you work out, the more nutrients your body needs, and the more nutrients it loses through your sweat. Now imagine you are cutting, by eating at a calorie deficit you are further risking not providing your body with everything it needs. If your body is not provided with enough nutrients, not only will you limit your training endurance and your body’s capacity for building muscle, you could also compromise your immune system.

You May Need a Multivitamin to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

The body needs a complete range of vital nutrients to perform its best. You probably incorporate some supplements into your diet already. It should be a core part of your supplement routine. You wouldn’t climb a mountain without a good pair of trainers, and you shouldn’t try and get in shape without having a multivitamin as your foundation.

Healthy nutrient levels will allow you to workout harder, and recover faster. Not allowing for recovery is one of the mistakes that bodybuilders frequently make that stops them from gaining muscle. Quicker recovery means you can train again faster and keep up those gains.

Without a multivitamin, the other supplements you take may not be as effective. Take a multivitamin with your first meal of the day and consistently take it over a long time. This way you are sure to see an improvement in your performance, quicker recovery periods, and less brain fatigue. That is, so long as you are taking a quality supplement.

Which Multivitamin Should I Take?

Multivitamins vary in quality, and you need to be mindful of which one you choose. Less than adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals are pointless, and too much could potentially damage your health.

With so many multivitamins to choose from, how can you be sure which supplement to take?

Well, one trusted brand is National Bodybuilding Co. Their supplements are designed for bodybuilders and contain well-researched ingredients and clinical dosages. They are also free from harmful fillers and additives that you find in many alternatives.

National Bodybuilding Co Multivitamin

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Benefits of National Bodybuilding Co. Bodybuilding Multivitamin

National Bodybuilding Co. has designed a Multivitamin, especially for bodybuilders. It has been designed to provide a foundation for your lifestyle to optimize your performance and make you feel your best. It also includes three herb blends designed to improve your immune system, quicken your recovery, and assist your anabolic hormones.

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Benefits include:

  • Foundational nutrition for the mind and body
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Natural ingredients and safe for daily use
  • Made in the USA
  • Optimized for athletes
  • Promotes biological health and vitality
  • Supports anabolic process and recovery
  • No harmful fillers or additives
  • Made in cGMP approved and FDA registered facilities
  • Optimized dosages to ensure optimum effectiveness
  • Three herb blends and 13 vitamins and minerals
  • Quicker recovery
  • Balanced anabolic hormones

National Bodybuilding Co MultivitaminIngredients for National Bodybuilding Co. Bodybuilding Multivitamin

National Bodybuilding Co. is transparent, with no trademarked blends. It is, therefore, possible to fully breakdown precisely what goes into their supplements.

Vitamin A – is incredibly important for growing muscles and maintaining them. That is because your body needs vitamin A to repair and grow all body tissues. It is also a potent antioxidant and prevents inflammation and oxidative stress, enabling you to recover faster.

Vitamin C – another powerful antioxidant that will aid your recovery. It is also found in your adrenal glands, helping to regulate your mood, energy, and hormones.

Vitamin D – is a surprisingly important vitamin, it is a powerful muscle builder that enhances testosterone. It also works with calcium to keep your bones strong.

Vitamin E – known for its antiaging properties, vitamin E can also reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, helping your muscles recover faster.

B Vitamins – allows blood to carry more oxygen to your muscles for optimal hypertrophy. Vitamin B is also a mood booster, which is essential for your mental wellbeing and motivation.

Calcium – keeps your bones strong and regulates muscle contractions, aiding your mind-body connection.

Magnesium – also aids muscle contractions. It also calms nerves and reduces anxiety, and a lack of it can lead to low testosterone levels.

Zinc – is an antioxidant that can offset some of the negative side effects of male hormones associated with overtraining.

Selenium – powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Copper – plays a vital role in the function of red blood cells and cardiovascular health.

Manganese – boosts recovery by reducing oxidative stress and promoting muscle-building.

Chromium – balances blood sugar levels, provides energy and mental clarity, and promotes healthy fat loss when cutting.

Molybdenum – aids enzymes that help your body build muscle.

Male Support Blend – contains powerful antioxidants to boost male vitality, increase testosterone levels, and protect cells in your testes from damage.

Immune Blend –when you train hard, it can harm your immune system. To combat this, this supplement also contains an immune blend.

Antioxidant Fruit & Energy Blend – boosts wellness and helps you feel more energized and focused.


As a bodybuilder, you are always looking to take your performance and physique to the next level. If your body is not getting all of the nutrients it needs, it could be holding you back. With the potential to quicken your recovery, aid muscle building, and increase focus, taking a multivitamin is definitely worth adding to your routine. Just make sure to put your trust in a quality brand, such as National Bodybuilding Co.

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