Patrick Moore Trains With Phil Heath in Prep for the Arnold Classic

Patrick Moore is definitely a dark horse to watch.

With incredible symmetry and a well balanced physique, Patrick Moore is showing that he has all the makings of a future champion in the Open Weight division.

As the 2020 Arnold Classic approaches, many have focused their attention on veteran bodybuilders who have been in the top five of the division. While the return of Big Ramy may be a massive and intriguing story, Patrick Moore should definitely be a big focus heading into the show.

In preparation for the Arnold Classic, Patrick Moore has joined forces with one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever compete, seven-time Olympia champion Phil Heath.

Patrick Moore has been showing increased improvements and is looking to be a real contender for the Arnold Classic.

If he keeps this up, Patrick Moore will be a beast on the Olympia stage.

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