Powerful Genes! Joseph Baena is Getting Jacked Like Father Arnold Schwarzenegger With 120 Lbs Dumbbell Press!

Joseph Baena is the spitting image of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One of the most iconic figures in fitness and entertainment history, Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered one of the most popular bodybuilders all time. As such the obvious questions of whether his sons would follow in their father’s footsteps has always been a major point of discussion. While none of his sons have made the leap to posing on a bodybuilding stage, it’s still quite evident that Arnold Schwarzenegger has passed on his powerful genes.

Enter Joseph Baena.

When looking on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s youngest son it’s easy to see that Joseph Baena has inherited his father’s genetic gifts. While he may not be as massively muscled as his father was in his heyday, Joseph is showing more and more improvement as he ramps up his training. With every passing training session, Joseph Baena is looking more and more like his father.

Happy Birthday to the man that’s always pumped! Love you dad ๐ŸŽ‰

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It’s very evident that with more training Joseph Baena could look like the spitting image of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

That said, Joseph is ultimately going to have to carve out his own legacy. After all, there can only be one Arnold Schwarzenegger and it’s likely that Joseph Baena would rather be his own man rather than live in the shadow of his father. But if he ever did decide to give bodybuilding a go, there’s no doubt that he would respond well to some hardcore training.

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