Prepare Yourselves For The Most Epic Hardcore Rant Against Crossfit Ever

One minute of hardcore intensity goodness.

Look, let’s be honest… when it comes to crossfit things get pretty heated. The bodybuilders vs crossfit battle has raged on for centuries (right?) with neither side really edging ahead of the other. Both sports have shown incredible growth and popularity but the two can never agree with one another. Sure, we’ve talked about how crossfit just plan sucks before on this site because well… it’s just plain silly. And there’s no one who better exemplifies that than RobertFrank615 on YouTube. What starts out as just another quick bash against crossfit turns into one of the most epic pro bodybuilding statements ever put to video tape.

Seriously, this guy gets so f*cking amped about bodybuilding that his spit comes right out of the screen like a 3D movie. You really can’t miss this. Check it out:

And hey, if you actually do love crossfit, you can easily use this video as another example of how “dumb” and “angry” bodybuilders are… even when they are alone in their cars. What do you think of this epic rant? Let us know in our official GI Forums and don’t forget to hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

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