Rafael Brandao Should Have Placed In The Top Five At NY Pro

Rafael Brandao deserved top honors at the NY Pro.

If you were to scour the internet to get opinions on the Open Weight bodybuilding competition at the New York Pro, there’s no doubt that you will find most reviewers can agree on one thing: Rafael Brandao didn’t deserve a sixth place slot. In fact, you have great deal of people saying that Brandao could have easily been the winner of the entire show.


Well, for the most part it seems that the conditioning at the top levels are given less credence than shear size. At this point we’re completely unsure of the judging criteria and as it stands it’s pretty difficult to know what is being scored. While most every bodybuilder in the top five showed off an impressive physique, none were as dry and shredded as Rafael Brandao when he stepped on stage.

O que vocês acharam dessa ?🇧🇷🤷🏻‍♂️

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So what does this say about the judging criteria as well as what Rafael Brandao will need to get some higher placings at shows?

First, it says that judges are looking for even more size than ever before. This could be because of the introduction of the Classic Physique division. With the emphasis being on aesthetics and definition, Open Weight bodybuilding needs to set itself apart. That means size wins the day and that proved to be the case at the NY Pro.

As far Rafael Brandao, it’s obvious that in order to place higher that he’ll need to pay his dues and keep building his presence in the sport. Also, he’ll need to gain even more size, but not at the expense of his conditioning. His conditioning was truly incredible and for him to lose that just to bulk up would be a dangerous proposition.

While he may not have cracked the top five at the NY Pro, it’s good to see that many in the community believe that Rafael Brandao was deserving of placing in the top three with many believing he was the best bodybuilder on stage. For now, it’s back to the grind for Brandao as he continues his assent up the ranks.

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