Bringing back the classic fashion of bodybuilding.

Clothing made specifically for bodybuilders are few and far between. Their popularity have begun to take hold in recent years with the boom of the fitness industry, but there still remains a wide gap between what the average Joe is wearing and what a bodybuilder can fit into. As such, the marketplace has been desperately needing more new blood to enter the arena.

Enter Rich Gaspari and his clothing line Vintage Muscle USA.

Rich Gaspari has always been a businessman. From his talents on the posing stage to his supplement brand, Rich Gaspari has always looked to be multifaceted in his career. Now he’s looking to expand into the clothing industry with bodybuilding items made for fans of the old school Golden Era.

Vintage Muscle USA is looking to be a promising young brand with old school aesthetics in mind. With Rich Gaspari at the head, you can bet there will be an authenticity that is missing in other bodybuilding clothing brands.

These bodybuilding looks were they same design as those worn by old school pros like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, Sergio Oliva, and Tom Platz just to name a few. Get that old school feeling in your life with some of these awesome classic looks.

For more looks, head over to the official website of Vintage Muscle USA.

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