Robby Robinson Thinks Big Ramy Should Quit Bodybuilding

Robby Robinson thinks Big Ramy should hang it up.

There’s no question that Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay is one of the best bodybuilders on the planet. While his placing at the 2018 Olympia left much to be desired, Big Ramy has proven himself to be one of the best of the best in the Open Weight division.

With all that said, there is obviously room for improvement as far as Big Ramy and his physique is concerned. But it seems that a veteran of the game has his own opinions on Big Ramy and his future in bodybuilding.

Old school bodybuilder Robby Robinson recently made a comment on a post featuring Big Ramy on the Olympia stage. In the comment, Robby Robinson expresses his concern for Big Ramy’s health and goes on to state that he thinks the bodybuilder should retire from the game.

“Ramy should quit be he kills himself for something that really has no meaning mr Olympia . Why you guys are cheer on death wish…..CRAZY”

A bold statement to make indeed. While Big Ramy still has room for improvement, for Robby Robinson to go so far as to say that he should quit is a bit alarming to say the least. Could he perhaps be suggesting that Big Ramy is too big? That’s only a question that Robby Robinson can answer.

Do you think Big Ramy should walk away from bodybuilding?

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