Ronnie Coleman Shares Workout Video Showing Massive Arms

Ronnie Coleman is continuing to look massive in the gym during workout sessions.

Ronnie Coleman is one of the best bodybuilders of all-time and continues to be an influential voice in the sport. Even during his years off the stage, Coleman has made sure to keep his physique in great shape. He recently showed it off with a workout video where he is pumping up his arms and looking massive.

Coleman shared the video on Instagram where he is seen performing bicep curls. He is now 15 years removed from his final Olympia competition but that has not stopped his progression in the gym at 57 years old.

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Ronnie Coleman completed upwards of 20 reps with each arm. He is currently training six days a week and completes stem-cell treatments. Thanks to his recent work in the gym, Coleman has been able to bulk up to 285 pounds. This is an incredible feat after some health risks that have kept Coleman out of training.

Since 2017, Coleman has went through 13 surgeries. There are still some effects from those surgeries but Coleman has been able to get himself the necessary treatment to continue his good health. This is no surprise given his passion for fitness and drive in the gym.

Ronnie Coleman sported a physique during his prime that is almost unbeatable. He won eight consecutive Olympia titles from 1998-2005. These are included in his 26 total victories as an IFBB professional. In 2006, Jay Cutler defeated Coleman and put an end to his streak. His final Olympia came in 2007, where he placed fourth. Even after retiring from competition, Coleman continues to make an impact.

During the 2021 Arnold Classic, Coleman was given the Lifetime Achievement Award from the event. He gave a speech that will not soon be forgotten. He recently had a chance to reflect on that moment and describes it as extremely difficult and emotional. Coleman was the right choice for the award last year because of all he has gone through and his perseverance to improve his health.

This recent workout video shows that Ronnie Coleman continues to be a freak of nature. Despite multiple surgeries, the legendary bodybuilder has figured out was to keep his body in tremendous shape.

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