Steve Cook Laughs at Current State of Men’s Physique, Thinks it Needs to Change

Steve Cook thinks Men’s Physique isn’t quite what it used to be.

You can’t stop change as much as you want to. No matter hard you fight against the tide, time passes and change comes with it. But as we all know, all change isn’t good change. Sometimes thing change for the better and other times for the worst. That’s the major issue facing Men’s Physique division according to IFBB Pro Steve Cook.

Once a staple on the Men’s Physique stage, Steve Cook was a top flight competitor who garnered a ton of popularity during his years on stage. He was perhaps one of the most recognized competitors on stage during his heyday, but has since moved on to other goals and aspirations outside of winning Men’s Physique competitions.

Steve Cook may have moved on, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t paying attention. Cook like many others have noticed that the narrative for Men’s Physique has changed. Gone are the days where the focus was on more attainable yet shredded Physiques. Now it seems the category is all about who packs on the most muscle on a certain frame. Except they already have other classes that focus on that, namely the 212 and Open Weight divisions.

From the perspective of Steve Cook it appears that Men’s Physique has changed to the point that new rules and regulations should be implemented. In a recent Twitter post Steve Cook made his opinion the category pretty clear.

Do you think the rules should be adjusted for Men’s Physique? Have the competitors gotten too big?

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