Head judge Steve Weinberger talks Big Ramy’s loss and his future.

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After the 2017 Mr. Olympia competition – there was a loud chorus of fans complaining that the wrong choice had been made. That for the first time in seven years, Phil Heath should have lost the competition. This is pretty common from super fans of other athletes – but this year the complaints seemed particularly loud. Most likely because this was the closest that anyone had come to threatening Phil Heath since the 2012 Mr. Olympia where Kai Greene squared off against Phil.

Big Ramy had been a constant fan favorite going into the Olympia – but his conditioning always fell short. Most people understood this – his placing was pretty much black and white. But this year Big Ramy was so on point many believed he should have won. That’s not the case. Time can’t be changed. But I wanted to have IFBB Pro head judge Steve Weinberger address the controversy and give his insights into the judging process… and why fans were so enraged by this year’s decision. What followed was an in depth conversation not only about Phil Heath vs Big Ramy… but about all of the divisions and the evolution of bodybuilding thus far. You can watch part 1 of our conversation in the Iron Cinema episode above!

– Vlad Yudin

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    IFBB Pro head judge Steve Weinberger talks in detail about why Phil Heath beat Big Ramy:


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  2. it’s like, lets-make-the-worst-cocky-motherfucker-MR-olympia tradition… there are a few exceptions but we are so fucking bored of phil, he doesnt motivate at all with that shitty attitude!

  3. phil beat everybody on that stage it was not even close, his back glutes and hams were on another level, big ramy was not a threat he was big but lack that dry grainy muscle and his back was smooth, the only knock on phil was that his stomach could have being tighter but everything else was on point.

  4. Ya. Ok. Like big. Ramey did. Not. Be Phil ok. Tell me another. Political BS line I would. Love to no how they. Pic these judges. And how. Many titles. They. Won. I no I have 2. Pro. Powerlifting cars No favorites there you with the do the bench the squad or the dead lift or you don’t that simple

  5. Lamfo the truth is steven owns bev francis Phil goes sometimes when is nyc there and pay him lot of dollars to Steven . You believe or not but this fucking the truth is all political

  6. Damn everyone stfu! Phil won it’s you people will bitch and complain about whoever wins for Crist sakes just be happy you’re alive able to just watch the Olympia. If the internet and socialmediathing was around during Dorians reign everyonewould be like how dare he win and run back to his countrynever to be seen till he kicks ass again the next year. He’s just doesn’t make a good spokesman for the sport. Now Phil speaksand is proud he’s winning and everyonenow stays he’sno good for the sport he’sfull of himself and to cocky because he’s winning. 95% of you people would bitch about winning 5$. Well why couldn’t I have won 10$ what am I going to do with 5$. Blahblahblah.


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