For the Love of God, Stop Going Super Heavy on These 5 Exercises

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5 Favorite Exercises of Ego-Lifters

Look around in your gym, and you’ll surely find some egomaniacs lifting more weights than they can handle. Their incorrect form is proof of their bulging ego. Some people lift heavy to prove themselves. There are a few exercises where people go super heavy to show off.

Not only is lifting heavy on these five exercises dangerous, but they’ll also not be beneficial in adding muscle mass. Little do these people know lifting with the right form is more aesthetically appealing than overloading the machines.

Leg Press

Leg press is how most of the ego lifters stroke their egos. Many people fully load the leg press machine with weight plates and then get someone to sit on the top of the machine while they perform half a rep, and then re-rack it.

Leg presses aren’t supposed to be done this way. Like every other exercise on this list, you need to have a full range of motion while performing leg presses. Make sure you’re not supporting your legs by pushing your knees with your arms.

Standing Calf Raises

The reason most people have a weak lower body is that there is a lot of ego-lifting involved. Most people make the mistake of lifting too heavy on the standing calf raises and overlook the importance of a complete range of motion.

While performing the calf raises imagine extending your ankles as a Ballerina stands on her toes. While you’re on the top of the movement, hold and squeeze your calves. Your calves should be on fire by the end of the exercise.

Military Overhead Presses

Shoulder overhead presses are another ego-lifter favorites. Most people use a jerking motion to lift the weights over their heads. You need to perform this exercise with military discipline and without using momentum.

The barbell should rest right above your shoulders, and you need to lock out your elbows and have the barbell over your head at the top of the movement. Many people make the mistake of pushing the bar in front and over their toes at the top of the movement rather than their heads.

Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are a quad focused isolation exercise. You’ll reap the most rewards by extending your legs completely while performing this exercise. Your legs should go above the parallel level from the ground at the top of the movement.

Many people leave money on the table by stacking up the plates on the leg extension machine and moving the weights a few centimeters. Pause and contract your quads at the top of the movement to target your quads optimally.


Shrugs are probably the easiest exercise you can do. All you need to do is grab the barbell or a pair of dumbbells and lift your shoulders to your ears while keeping your elbows locked out or slightly bent.

Many egoist people still manage to screw up this exercise by going too heavy and moving their necks instead of the shoulders. Do yourself a favor by lifting lighter, pulling up your shoulders to your ears and pausing at the top of the movement.

Best Equipment To Use

For these lifts, having the right equipment can be an absolute game changer. It’s easy to make excuses when you have poor gear, but not anymore. Check out some awesome barbells and dumbbells to get a serious boost towards strength. Also, check out some great kettlebells to work harder towards your gains.

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