Surviving The Tough Mudder


Warmer weather and lots of rain means spring is finally here! After a long winter of lifting weights in the gym, it’s time to bring your workout outside. A great way to motivate yourself is to sign up for a race or event during the summer that you can train for all spring. But marathons, biathlons, even triathlons focus almost entirely on endurance and little on strength training. To survive some of the relatively newer events, like the Tough Mudder, you must demonstrate endurance, strength and overall toughness.

Recently, put together a survival guide for the “Most Badass Obstacles” of the Tough Mudder. Spoiler alert! Even though every Tough Mudder is different, this list examines some of the most popular (and most painful!) events and discuses your best chances of surviving them. Here’s an excerpt from the article:


HOLD YOUR WOOD: If ever there’s a time to flex your muscles, it’s now. In Hold Your Wood, you literally have to haul a heavy, beastly log up and down a set of slippery hills without falling. Not only will your back and shoulders hate you, but you’ll also have to engage your core and walk with calculated precision to avoid falling. 

Hold Your WoodHint: Train as many Mudders do for Hold Your Wood—it’s simple. Chop down a tree and saw off a big hunk of it. First walk and run slowly. Get used to the weight and feel of the wood. Then, find a good hill, and sprint up and down. Best practiced after a heavy rainfall for the full effect. 

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