The biography, life, and accomplishments of Miranda Cohen

Miranda Cohen is a rising name in the fitness industry, known primarily as an American TikTok personality, Instagram Influencer, entrepreneur, and fineness personality. Miranda was born on the 21st of March 1996, and she has become a top name amongst the fastest growing fitness personalities currently. She has sculpted a remarkable physique that has captured the attention of her over a million followers on TikTok as well as on her Instagram.

Below is a complete breakdown of Miranda Cohen’s profile, stats, biography, training and diet regimens.

Full Name: Miranda Cohen (Internet Personality)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
140-145 lbs 5’6″ 3/21/1996
Division Era Nationality
None 2020s American


Miranda Cohen Biography

miranda cohen

As stated above, Miranda Cohen was born on March 21st, 1996 in the United States. Throughout her high school years she caddied for business people on the golf course, soaking up every bit of knowledge she could. After graduation from high school in her town, attended Western Michigan University for bachelor in nutrition. She even picked up dance and mastered some different styles such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, and lyrical routine. Miranda dedicated herself fully to these different interests, and officially joined the dance team, and found someone who shared a mindset similar to her.

This person mentored her, teaching her that self doubt and criticism is for the faint of heart and only stifles personal growth, and from there Miranda began to train her body and find every possible way to be her best self.

It just so happened Miranda was working with her mother one summer when her mother told her that she needed to start her own business, and she was right. When Miranda returned to college that next semester, she combined her passion and the potential for training and with her friend and mentor, Lucas, “Miranda Dream Fit” was born.

Since then, Miranda has become a guiding force in the fitness industry, allowing for people to follow her workouts and take her advice.

Miranda Cohen Height

Miranda Cohen stands at 5 feet 6 inches (167.64cm) tall, which is more than the average height of women in USA. Sometimes when people are taller, they will have a harder time packing on muscle mass, but Miranda has not had trouble with this, and has sculpted quite the physique.

Miranda Cohen Workout Routine

Miranda Cohen Upper Body
Image courtesy of Instagram (mirandacohenfit)

Miranda Cohen follows an upper/lower workout split. Let’s take a look at each.

Upper Body

Miranda Cohen’s upper body workout:

Exercise Sets  Reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 10
Pendlay Row 3 8/6/failure
Chest Supported Lat Pulldown 3 8/6/failure
Cable Lateral Raise 3 6-8
Dumbbell Bicep Curl 3 8-10
Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3 10

Lower Body 

Miranda Cohen’s lower body workout:

Exercise Sets Reps
Single Leg Dumbbell RDL 4 8 per leg
Dumbbell Step Ups 4 8 per leg
Leg Extensions 3 8
Adductor Machine 3 8
Seated Calf Raise 6 8


Miranda Cohen is very particular and precise when it comes to her diet, as she wants to craft the perfect physique. She makes sure to get the correct amount of macronutrients, especially when she is cutting weight. She will assess what her body may need so she can make those small changes to achieve her overall goal.

She also uses daily supplements to help enhance recovery and further her progress in the gym. Some supplements that Miranda Cohen may use include Whey Protein, Creatine, BCAA and Super Greens support. 

During the “bulking season“, it is assumed that Miranda Cohen’s attitude is a bit more relaxed when it comes to her diet. Now, she does not go full blown bulk mode like some bodybuilders do, as she is not preparing to pack on the pounds like she would for the Mr. Olympia. However, she does try to put on some muscle mass, and in order to do so Miranda increases her caloric intake, but still stays away from junk foods and too many cheat meals to avoid the excess body fat.

Miranda Cohen’s Career

miranda cohen workout
Image courtesy of Instagram (mirandacohenfit)

Before she had become the fitness star that she is today, popping up on everyone’s screen, Miranda Cohen worked long and hard to get to this position. Miranda has been interested in fitness since her college days in duo with her friend Lucas, who was her mentor. She never gave up when it came to fitness, and this has helped her to climb to this mountain of fitness and popularity.

She got her personal trainer certificate from International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in the year 2017 and started her social media career by creating her own MirandaCohenfit TikTok account a few years before. She got in at the right time, when the App was going pretty viral and people were stuck at home with nothing better to do than scroll. Miranda was sharing fitness content such as workout routines and motivation videos, which started blowing up.

She along with Lucas produced some high-quality videos, which certainly helped her content go viral and earn millions of likes. She has well over a million followers on TikTok alone currently.

Miranda also has started to share photos on Instagram, where her followers bloomed substantially. She only had 200k followers in second half of 2022 and now her followers touch the milestone of whopping 6.4 million.

Personal Life and Wrap Up

Many fans of this famous TikToker and talented fitness star are curious to know whether she has a boyfriend or if she is single. While her relationship status is mostly unknown, it is assumed that she is currently single and has no romantic relationship with anybody. It is completely possible that she was in a romantic relationship with someone, but she hasn’t chosen to reveal any such thing publicly, which is completely her choice.

Miranda Cohen also from Christian family. Similar to her relationship status, Miranda has shared basically no information about her family on internet so far, but if she does this article will be updated soon.

Overall, Miranda Cohen is someone who is seen as more of a “real” influencer, as she sticks to sharing workout routines and advice. While she keeps much of her personal life private, many of her followers see her as someone who is open when it comes to how she built her physique and her mindset.

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