The Single Best Exercise To Chisel Your Lower Abs

We know you’re looking forward to this one.

Hand’s down one of the hardest places  to “get right” is the lower abs. While women tend to carry it on the their hips it seems all the beer from the past weekend tend to go straight to our midsection. Even when we do get rid of that pesky fat, it seems the lower abs are the hardest to “pop”, but not anymore.

The Reverse Crunch is an exercise often done wrong. Most people do the flat bench exercise in a herky jerking motion thinking “fast and hard” is the key, when in reality what you should be aiming for here is smooth. In the below video, Men’s Health’s Fitness director Brad Schoenfeld gives us three different various of the reverse crunch that vary in difficulty. He recommends one set of ten reps, until it gets easy, then go on to the next hardest exercise.

While abs are made in the kitchen, cuts are made in the gym. Your “abs” are actually one muscle called the rectus abdominus. The reason a six-pack looks like six separate muscles is because tendons run horizontally across the sheath, cutting partitions into the muscle. The muscle is at it’s biggest arounds your chest and the smallest by your waist, not giving you much to work with. But if you target  the muscle with specific exercises, it WILL stimulate muscle growth.

Try the reverse crunch variations and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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