WATCH: Calum Von Moger Appears On TMZ For Impromptu Posedown

TMZ asks Calum Von Moger to do a posedown against their cameraman.

It looks like Calum Von Moger caught the eye of TMZ cameras. In a quick segment on TMZ, Calum is asked to show off his shredded physique for the camera… only for the camera man to challenge him to a posedown. It’s no contest – but perhaps this will be the very first step in a brand new life for that camera guy in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Who knows?

Either way – this is a funny clip that reminds us just how shocking a pro bodybuilder physique is to the “normal” outside world. You can check out the clip below from Calum’s Instagram:

Caught a few lols with TMZ ? #cunnyfunts

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Hopefully we’ll be able to see Calum posing again on the stage instead of on TMZ – but it will be a while before he fully recovers. Stay tuned to the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates on Calum’s condition and recovery progress as it develops!

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