Generation Iron Strongman Lifts Car

Nothing gets in the way of his bike path.

Our offices for Generation Iron are located in NYC – so we are pretty familiar with one very specific frustration: objects constantly in the way of our bike lanes. Bicyclists get a ticket if they don’t ride in the bike lane – but most of the time there’s crates, people, or most of all – cars in our way.

Sometimes you just wish that you could get off your bike, lift up the car, and move it out of your way. Well, this one strongman didn’t have to wish for it – because he did it.

It’s the same old story. Some asshole parked his car illegally in a bike lane but this biker in Brazil decided enough is enough. Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands… literally, by lifting the car up as onlookers cheered him on and recorded it on their phones. Check it out in the video below:

What other things do you wish you could just lift up and move the hell out of your way? Let us know in our official GI Forum or on our Facebook and Twitter. Stay pumped.

GI Team
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