11 Best Muscle Building Gym Machines

11 Best Muscle Building Gym Machines

Best Gym Machines / Equipment

No two gym machines are the same in terms of the effect they have on your muscles. While some gym equipment can have a big impact in shaping your physique, a few others are just useless.

It is essential you get rid of useless machines in your workouts and stick with the ones which will give you the best bang for your buck. In this article, we will be taking you through the best machines you can use for building each muscle group. In this article, we will be using ‘machine’ and ‘equipment’ interchangeably.


Bench Press

Bench Press is the ultimate chest builder. It is also one of the first exercises you learn to perform when you join the gym. The bench press is one of the most basic gym equipment and is present in almost every gym.

Pec Deck

The inner chest and striations are the hardest to develop. The people who have a problem performing the flyes with dumbbells can find the pec deck machine helpful in maintaining the right form and range of motion.


Seated Machine Row

The seated machine rows help in developing the thickness and volume in the back. Most people make the mistake of going too heavy on this exercise and load up the machine with more weight than they can handle.

Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldowns build the width in your back. Performing the lat pulldowns with a strict form will help you get the best results. Avoid swinging, using momentum while pulling the bar to your chest as it recruits your shoulder and biceps.


Machine Shoulder Press

Unlike using the dumbbells, the machine shoulder press helps in maintaining constant tension on your shoulders. Machine shoulder press is a substitute for the military presses and is great with people who have shoulder problems.


Dips Machine

The dip machine helps in the overall development of your triceps. If you don’t have access to the dips machine in your gym, you can use the parallel bars on the assisted pull-ups machine.


Preacher Curl Machine

The preacher curl machine is a great bicep isolation exercise. Hold and squeeze your biceps for a second at the top of the movement. Doing this will fill up your biceps with blood and lactic acid.


Squat Rack

Forget leg extensions and leg curls, the squat rack is where you should be spending most of your time on a leg day. Squats are a complete leg builder and are arguably the best leg exercise.

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Leg Press

The leg press can be used to target your quads and hams from different angles. Don’t let your ego get the better of you while performing this exercise and use weights with which you can maintain a full range of motion.

Multipurpose Gym Machines

Smith Machine

Smith machine is one of the most versatile gym machines. Our favorite exercises to perform on the smith machine are incline and decline bench press, standing calf raises, lunges, and squats.

Cable Crossover Machine

Cable crossover machine can be used to perform a range of exercises. It is also the gym equipment most used on the bicep and triceps day. Cables are great for maintaining constant tension on the muscle throughout the movement. Dumbbells and barbells put tension on the muscle on the concentric movement, but have no tension on the muscle on the eccentric movement.

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