2018 Phil Heath vs 2019 Brandon Curry: Who Would Have Won at the Olympia?

2019 Brandon Curry vs 2018 Phil Heath!

Ever since taking second at the 2018 Olympia, many have been wondering what the next step for Phil Heath would be. After dominating the competition for almost a decade, Phil Heath had become synonymous with the word champion. But his defeat at the hands of Shawn Rhoden effectively created a power vacuum in Open Weight Bodybuilding.

Fast forward to 2019 and now we have a new champion, Brandon Curry. The 2019 Olympia champion showed great improvement and a impressive physique to take top honors at the biggest bodybuilding show of the year. Yet despite his impressive showing, many were left wondering if Brandon Curry would have been able to defeat both Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath.

The YouTube channel Muscle Mutant has posed this very question, particularly regarding Phil Heath. In the video below, Muscle Mutant suggests that the 2018 version of Phil Heath may have been able to best the 2019 Olympia champion Brandon Curry. Ultimately it’s a question that we’ll never have the answer to, but there’s nothing wrong with a little speculation.

Brandon Curry and Phil Heath both have incredible genetics and presentation on stage. Realistically it’s impossible to know who would have been the ultimate victor if both men were on stage at the 2019 Olympia. But with Phil Heath suggesting that he’s still ready to make his way back to the Olympia stage, it appears that we could get a chance to see he and Brandon Curry do battle in 2020.

Who do you think has the better genetics?

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